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Keelback will certainly be one of the ships that gets stored in my fleet carrier for sure!!!

Whats your Build @Kryxix that gets you 50lyrs?

Here is mine, heavy general duties build, I get almost 40lyr fully fueled.
First, dont forget to watch the awesome Saggitarius Eye video about the Keelback, there is how to build a KB 50+ jump range, I get studied from here:


My build is not a combat one, I submitted combat, when I found killing an Elite NPC Python is a torture even with G5 medium beam lasers + MC + railgun. So I dropped weapons and turned on explorer build for fun on events (like the Keelback Awareness Week was). My target was the magical 50ly with as possible optionals as I can have.

Stats: dirty+drag (w/ boost 442 m/s), shield 286(!), cargo rack, AFMU, 5D hangar + SRV, 4A scoop and of course the highest Guardian FSD booster.
No power problems and no heat problems!

I have no access to a lightweight Life Support Engineer, so if you have you can do more jumprange! Also on Shield you can spare more (maybe a 3D with Stripped Down).

Here is the coriolis link you asked:

I fit out a Keelback to do some mining. I took it out last night for about an hour and dropped off with 9 million in void opals and some other materials. It's not at all fully upgraded and I have some tweaks I'd like to do on it, but this is what it is right now. I'd like it faster and probably with more shields. 333 doesn't feel like enough for how slow it is. It does run fantastically cool and does a great job at what I built it to do.

I'd like to do an Armored Monstered power plant and boost the shields some more in-case I get caught on my way to sell my hauls.

edit: I went out on another run and pulled in 10 mil in low temp diamonds... This is the perfect ship for core mining. I'd be pulling a lot more if I wasn't also trying to do a mining rush mission for methanol monohydrate, but I'm going to go out and only prospect for the good stuff when I'm done with this dumb mission.

Any ideas for names? I'm thinking about calling it Oliver Schist.
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