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Lakon T-Series Tour starts on 5th April. Allowed ships: T-6, T-7, T-9, T-10, Keelback.
1 month, 5 meeting points, meetings on Sunday evenings. WPs max distance ~1000 Ly from bubble (farthest is 1800).
Details on EDSM.
doing my daily jobs with my loved Keelback right now. 48tons of freight, SLF and full-MC, 1000MJ prismatics and boosters. Even managed to kill Anaconda-Pirates with this great ship. Krait MKII or bigger ships do bore me right now.
Did I read that right?!? 1000MJ?!?!?! What's the build? Might have to look at PP now !

Here's my 'go fasta' red KB.

Airsetanoa (20200402-225452).jpg
Do you pack a fighter on expeditions?
No, I just love the Keelie. I don't even have an SRV.

It's basically a transfer to Colonia, just with scanning every valuable world and taking a detour to don't run into too many already explored systems.

(the enforcers are just transfering with me :LOL:)
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