PvP The living dead

This Wednesday evening many high-ranked pilots of the international scene met for the weekly WoW event.

in the end of the event always a special highlight is done.
The participants (this time about 30 pilots) are split into 2 teams and fight against each other in direct proximity of an anarchy station.
Who was shot down or had to make acquaintance with the station guns, may start again BUT he flies then for the team which destroyed him.

Source: https://youtu.be/Kb6pR1jX3cw
Finally. It's really great to see lawfuls, outlaws and in-laws just having fun shooting at each other. Sometimes role-play gets in the way of light hearted pure game play. And sometimes, I wish we could just be a litter of kittens randomly batting and wrestling with each other.


BTW, cats were the originators of silent running.....
I bet half of those CMDRs mindlessly ganked in that evil anarchy hellhole never play the game again. Shame on you OP...

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