The Long Haul (a Buckyball Racing Club challenge)


Jaques Station, the famous moving starport, has put out a call for supplies to help with repairs following the aborted jump to Beagle Point. This is no simple task, with a supply line stretching nearly 22,000 light years. Speed is of the essence to meet Jaques' demand in time to get the best rewards, so what better opportunity for a race? Buckyball Racing Club calls on all traders, haulers, explorers, racers and pilots everywhere to show what they can do, all in the aid of helping this far-flung outpost of humanity.

Race Overview

The Long Haul is a race to support the community goal to repair Jaques Station, located nearly 22,000 light years from the human bubble in the system of Eol Prou RS-T d3-94.

Start from Janifer Dock in Yurok, carrying cargo suitable for the community goal.
Make your way to Jaques Station in Eol Prou RS-T d3-94 and deliver your cargo.

The clock starts on departure from Janifer Dock, and ends on arrival at Jaques Station, but breaks are allowed (up to two per day).

Your actual travel time will be adjusted based upon your ship class and the amount of cargo delivered. The more cargo carried, the better. The time adjustment is weighted to even out the different ship classes, so a Type 9 has just as much chance of winning as an Asp Explorer or Anaconda.

The race will run from now until the end of 18th August. Participants must reach Jaques Station no later than 23:59:59 GMT (in-game time) on 18th August to be valid entries. The race will continue even though the community goal ended early.

Warning: This is a long way: approximately 21,850 light years, and your ship will be weighted down by carrying cargo. The very fastest ships will require a good 9 hours flight time to complete the route; expect slower vessels to take substantially longer than that. Please ensure you allow sufficient time and make sure you take in appropriate food and water. Breaks are allowed in this race, so use them!

The course

The start point is docked at Janifer Dock in the system of Yurok.
The end point is docked at Jaques Station in the system of Eol Prou RS-T d3-94.
Any route may be taken between start and end.


Cargo must be carried, as the whole point is to support the community goal for delivering goods to Jaques Station, though I'm not actually going to enforce what cargo you carry. To contribute to the community goal you need to carry Power Generators, Tantalum, Structural Regulators, or Energy Grid Assemblies. Power Generators can be purchased at Janifer Dock; other items will need to be acquired elsewhere (then just call in at Janifer Dock on your way out of the bubble to start the race).

To even out the different ship classes, the actual time taken to complete the course will be adjusted according to the amount of cargo delivered to Jaques Station and a "base cargo allowance" for each ship type.

Adjusted race time = (actual race time) * (base cargo allowance) / (actual cargo delivered)

Thus the more cargo carried, the faster your adjusted time.

(Note: potential rule change incoming, see post #156 below)

The base cargo allowance (BCA) for each ship type is shown in the following tables:

There is no need to calculate your own adjusted time. Entries will just need to provide evidence of actual race time and actual cargo delivered, I'll calculate the adjusted times.

Note that the measured cargo amount is the quantity delivered to Jaques Station. If you lose cargo along the way (e.g. to a cargo hatch malfunction), that will impact your recorded time!


Entries will be classified as either Standard class or Small Packet class, depending on the ship type used. This is just to reflect the fact that the smallest ships need to run shieldless to reasonably carry cargo, and needed a separate calibration of cargo allowances due to the low quantities carried.

As well as the classes from ship types, racers can choose to take part in either Classic or Unlimited classes.

To qualify as Classic, any entry must meet the following regulations:
  • Engineer-modified modules are NOT permitted
  • The use of FSD Injection is NOT allowed
(Enhanced performance thrusters are allowed, as they should make neglibile difference given that there is only one undocking and docking on the course)

Unlimited entries are those which don't meet the Classic regulations; thus any ship which has one or more engineer-modified modules, or makes use of FSD Injection at any point on the route, will be classified as Unlimited class.

(I might introduce a separate Warship class, if there is demand for it)


Unlike The A* Challenge, for this race breaks are allowed, subject to the following rules:

To record a break, you will need to provide screenshots from the start and end of the break, with evidence of being in the same system at the start and end of the break time. This means taking screenshots from the galaxy map (or system map), as that is the only place which shows location, time and date in one go.

No more than 2 (two) breaks are allowed in any one day, measured as 00:00 GMT to 00:00 GMT (in-game time).

How to Enter
Please let us know if you intend to take part, by posting in this thread with the following:
  • Commander name
  • Ship name
  • Ship type
  • Class (Classic or Unlimited)

Before you start, take screenshots of the following:
  • 1. Outfitting screens for your ship, covering core internals (showing power plant, frame shift drive, thrusters and power distributor, along with jump range). If entering the Classic class, please also provide screenshots of the optional internals.
  • 2. Commodities market page at Janifer Dock to show the cargo carried.
  • 3. Launch screenshot, on the pad at Janifer Dock showing time and date.
Image 3 is your start time, so as soon as you've taken that screenshot launch and get going!

During the race, for each break you take the following additional screenshots are needed:
  • 4. Galaxy map showing your current location and the time and date at the start of the break.
  • 5. Galaxy map showing your current location (must be the same system as when you started the break) plus time and date to end the break.

At the end of the race, take screenshots of the following:
  • 6. End screenshot immediately on docking at Jaques Station, showing your current location (i.e. docked at Jaques Station!) plus time and date - this is when the clock stops.
  • 7. Commodities market screenshot at Jaques Station, showing the commodities in your hold along with the location, time and date. The amount of cargo held at this point is what will be used to calculate your adjusted time; the screenshot must be within a reasonably short time of number 6.

After the race, please send either a PM to drakhyr, or an email to drakhyr <at> buckyballracing <dot> org <dot> uk, with the following:
  • Your commander name
  • Your forum user name (if different)
  • Your ship name
  • Your ship type
  • Entry class (Classic or Unlimited)
  • Your screenshots (numbers 1 to 7 above)
  • Any special conditions that apply to your entry*
  • A quote for the guestbook on the bar at Jaques Station

* Special conditions:please tell me about if: you used FSD injection at any point during the race; you made the trip in Solo Play or Private Group, rather than Open; you are playing on Xbox One; you are playing using Oculus (or other) VR; you made the run in a wing

Examples of what your screenshots should look like can be found on the How to Enter page of the Buckyball Racing Club website.

You are then free to explore the area near Jaques; or, even better, to head back to the bubble for another run! Remember, the more cargo you ship, the better the result from the community goal!

Some obvious questions

What's the prize?

The sight of your name at the top of the leaderboard, and the opportunity to say you won a Buckyball Race. And a little warm glow of satisfaction :)

What's to stop me cheating?

Nothing. Like the Buckyball Runs, we operate on an honour basis here. There's nothing I can do to stop you from faking screenshots or using exploits. But where's the benefit in that? It wouldn't get you anything, except a lasting feeling of shame. This is all about doing the race for the fun of it.




For an alternative event closer to home, check out Glorious Bast-erds, a tribute to the heroes of Bast
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Let's show the thargoids how much Power Generators, Tantalum, Structural Regulators, and Energy Grid Assemblies we can loose in deep space due to slightly molten cargo hatches!
Heh, seriously...I'm 10% of the way there on a non-race run, and the T7 definitely does not like having a jump started while still scooping.

I'm going to finish my current run, then I'll come back for a race run. I have no chance in the CG compared to people flying the really big ships, but I still want to do as much as I can.
I remember when I submitted the paperwork for the CG and Zac answered "why not refuel Jaques ? This could be fun."
Now look what's happening. Explorers making "the jaunt". Miners making it "home away from home". Pioneers making "Bubble 2.0". Racers making "The Long Haul".

This community is the best.
Intent to participate:

CMDR Stern Winter
Anaconda "Hypothermia"

I'm not using a competitive build as I'm going to stay at Jaques for the mining CG that will follow according to Kerenn.

I'll start with the August Exodus tonight and swing by Janifer Dock for the starting screenies.

Fly fast and far, CMDRs
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I'm probably going to pass on this one, mostly because I am suffering from A* Challenge exhaustion (which is, incidentally, caused more by route plotting than actually running the blasted thing!). But I salute those of you making the run.

Since it's running until 18 August, I reserve the right to change my mind at a later date. ;)
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Well, I was on the way to Jacques before this challenge started. Anyway, you can have my time, even if it probably doesn't count for purposes of racing.

Start: 05:35 23/7/2016
End: 19:26 24/7/2016
RL time passed: Circa 40 hours.
Time in-game spent flying out to Jacques: 20 hours.

Commander name: Kzak
Flew in: Private group (Mobius)
Ship: Imperial Cutter
Ship name: Irrefutable Burden
Cargo: 512T of Tantalum

With engineer mods for +41 FSD range, giving a jump range of 23 LY laden. No FSD injections were used.
Quick question about taking breaks: are we limited to two breaks total or is it two per day during the trip? I don't see a T9 managing this in one day - even my grade 5 FSD -modded Anaconda really needs a second day (29LY range with 304t cargo), as I estimated a time of around 15-16 hours to make my last run out there.
I'm starting to recover from my last Jaques run and I would like to contribute to the CG, so this looks like a good opportunity but I really want to avoid burning out again: I was considering taking an extended break from the game for a while (until I realised Civ 6 isn't out until October and I don't fancy replaying Civ 4 for very long).
If there's to be a mining CG afterwards, then that implies that outfitting and restock facilities will need to be unlocked for people to buy refineries/limpets etc. A mining setup on my Python would have less than the base cargo allowance if I have to outfit it in the bubble. I would only consider bringing my Python or Anaconda if I have to outfit in the bubble, due to the need for a large number of internal bays. If you can outfit at Jaques after the CG, then I might bring a smaller ship - I would quite like to bring my Keelback to meet Tom and help him get the jumponium required for a trip to Beagle Point ( ). I'll register these three ships for now and decide which to bring later, when I feel up to making the trip.
Intent to race:
CMDR Edelgard von Rhein
Unlimited Standard
ship type: Anaconda
ship name: Exelion
ship type: Python
ship name: Beyond Twilight's Veil
ship type: Keelback
ship name: Eyes Wide Open
I wasn't going to bother with this event, as I'm planning to go exploring towards the rim rather than the core before 2.2, but this does seem to have captured the imagination of the community and I regret not managing to join in at Hutton and Bast so what the heck.

Intent to run:
CMDR Raiko
Standard Open.
Ship Name: Baymax
Ship Class: Lakon Type-9 Heavy

I will be taking (many) breaks, I will also probably be continuing onto Sadge from Jacques, because I definitely don't plan to make two trips to the core in Baymax!
Commander name: Kled7 (XBox Gamer tag and ED PC name)
Ship name: Major Lazer
Ship type: Anaconda
Class (Classic or Unlimited): Unlimited

I will be starting my timed run this weekend. If i understand the rules right, I play about 2-3 hour per day, to at log off I take a screenshot and then when I log back in the next day I take another.

To the event organizers, you should have an iron man award to those individuals who are crazy enough to attempt this in one go.
Having just said that... I've had a more thorough read of the rules, and I think there are some interesting times ahead. So...

Type-9 Heavy, Cargo Cult
Open Unlimited
(In addition to Rhonda if we're allowed multiple entries per class, or as a replacement if not... I might have to retract my laughter at the 9 hour estimate if it's a replacement, though. There will be more funny footage for the inevitable video if I can run both, in case that sways the decision :p)
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Once upon a time, CMDR Waabbit left the safety of the bubble on-board his trusty Fudd-Rocket, a shabby old Anaconda. With a practically unlimited supply of biscuits, carrots, and milk; He plot a course for Jacques... and promptly turned around to collect his forgotten electrical supplies.
Quick question about taking breaks: are we limited to two breaks total or is it two per day during the trip?

It's two per day, not two total - so if you take 10 days overall, that could be 20 breaks. In practice, I'm not going to be strict on that as long as people aren't taking the mickey. There has to be a limit (otherwise you would get some racers claiming a break every time they plot the next leg, or even for the time fuel scooping and charging frame shift drive for the next jump), but I want to allow for people to deal with real life (dinner, family, phone calls, etc).

If i understand the rules right, I play about 2-3 hour per day, to at log off I take a screenshot and then when I log back in the next day I take another.

That's exactly the idea, yes.

As for Alot's comments on the 9 hour estimate - that is based on Classic class builds, so yes those running long-range ships in the Unlimited class could be rather faster.
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