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Quite enjoyed S02E07.
Did Boba polish and repaint his helmet and armor?
I quite understand it's two sizes smaller now (well, a man's gotta eat), but now looks almost like new.

Also, first time I saw an Imperial trooper (in this case a tank pilot, or at least someone dressed like it), to shoot so precisely! At last.
Same old 40+ years old story. Stormtroopers shoot and miss, but when they have them surrounded at point-blank, than it's "Drop your weapons!"... and then someone comes to rescue.
Really... :rolleyes:

Anyway, the only reason I keep watching this:

Edit: and Boba, ofc
What?! Just trying to figure out her workout plan!
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How can you not listen to the awesome music you fiend!?
Allright, allright.
Went back, skipped the credits and music (HA) then saw the epilogue. What the hell?
What kind of crimelord security was that? Not one bodyguard even got a shot off. Pewpew, bodyguard falls down the stairs, the club-wielding piggies run to their doom? No guns? Everyone else just stands around waiting to be shot?
The writing and characters on this is just so much better than the recent trilogy movies. It puts them to shame.

Yea the plots are quite simple, but Starwars was never complicated. It's well put together and nicely polished. It seems like season 3 will be shifting focus to Boba which should be fun given what we have seen on him so far :p
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