The most beautiful system in the galaxy?

Lovely shots, I'm not far from you at the moment, between Barnard's Loop and the Rosette nebula, which if I'm not mistaken is in the background in your last shot on the first post. Couldn't you have used a prettier ship, though?!? lol. :)
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The light from the star does make it special, I agree. Add to that all the green - that's the nebula, I assume? It reminds me a bit of HR 1185, whose star is a B9 and therefore emits the same sort of light as your O.
Oh my, those are delicious images Alec, great work mate. I do however agree that you could have chosen something more attractive than a tin-can, but that is not the point lol!!

Great work buddy, will have to go visit it I think. Cheers,
The Hat :)
Thanks for all the rep folks! Actually, it was the paintjob for the T6 (very reminiscent of the artwork of Chris Foss) which inspired the entre trip. I basically figured I needed to take it somewhere special to get some really nice screenshots, saw an Obsidian Ant video on the Spirograph and thought "that's the place". I really recommend taking a trip out here. Scan and visit every body, land on everything you can land on (watch out tho, there's a lot of fairly high g stuff out here) and switch to the camera suite at every opportunity ... it's just stunning.
Wonderful screenshots, thanks for sharing :)

Can't get enough of that turbulence paint job. It provided the setting for the screenshot I'm most pleased with having taken as well.
Day #3

Finished scanning the entire system today so this is the last set. This trip Very VERY nearly ended in disaster. I dropped into an unexpected USS and found a whole load of debris. It was while I was trying to line up a shot of the star shining through a particularly interesting bit of wreckage that I started hearing these quiet little popping sounds. I also spotted what looked like limpets coming out of my ship. I watched all this in quiet fascination for a while and then, surprisingly casually in retrospect, figured maybe I'd better come out of the camera suite for a second to see what was going on. All hell was breaking loose basically. I'd accidentally engaged silent running and the entire damn cockpit was on fire, the fuel transfer limpet launcher was on fire, the cargo hatch was a charred mess and the power distributor was fried. And you know what (ironic given this trip was all about photoghraphy) ... I haven't got a single photo of any of it.

Anyway, final set of photographs from BD-12 1172, enjoy!

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