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I simply cannot resist posting a link to this interesting piece I just read on the BBC News website about how the music in video games is produced, what it does for a game, how it affects players. I feel sure it will arouse interest and comment. There are some very interesting views expressed from a variety of worthy sources.

I think the music in ED is amazing, but actually I always have it turned off because I found it was affecting my mood in ways I didn't like. I found it easier to succeed in the game if I was not distracted by it, kind of immersion breaking really, but that's just me.
The music can really bring games alive.

So many older games were really enhanced by their music.

One above all comes to mind....

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It's a funnily personal thing isn't it? I know lots and lots of gamers turn of the games music and play their own (or use none) but i've always enjoyed my games more with their default music, mostly.

There are examples where i found the music so distracting i just had to turn it off (or 'mod' other music in). Civ IV's industrial age onwards music in particular is one stand-out example for me where music choice can hurt a game, rather than enhance it.

Back in the 8bit and 16bit era's music was often a huge part of the overall gameplay feel and atmosphere, i guess it did more heavy lifting there as it was a larger part of the overall game footprint?
That BBC site is awful. The music and sound in games, like films is possibly more important than the visuals. As said above in the 8 and 16 bit eras they couldnt do the visuals of today and so had to lean on the sound for atmospehere.

Check out this repository of games music.

Edit: you will need a midi player! Search for I just got that off cnet
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Mass Effect 3 had the best music of all time imo.
My favourite OST ... does help I love the characters, the game .. and the comedy in it.


For the Mega Mall muzak! "Feeling empty inside? Why not fill the void with a series of unnecessary purchases!" :D

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Since the CD-ROM era started, I’ve found myself paying less and less attention to game music. Sure, there are some wonderful game tracks out there, but it’s all pre-recorded. Older game / computer platforms with what we’d now call chiptunes had some truly epic and memorable stuff that still stands up today as game music.
I mean when I was a kid, I thought this music rocked. Move over Gary Numan.


However in this time period, I always love the music of Space Engine...
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I'm a sucker for celtic music and Bards Tale 4 has an awesome soundtrack


Skip a few minutes for some seriously beautiful female vocals.

Actually - sample random parts of the vid (it is long) - you may find something you like :)
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Frontier: First Encounters had nice MIDI tracks about the time before the MIDI era was over. (original music by Dave Lowe(?) besides the usual classical renditions i.e. blue danube, & pieces by mussorgsky, wagner , grieg)


They could often play after exiting hyperspace while going on sublight. I particular liked these for laid back cruising..
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Don't have PS4 so I've never played this but if ANY video game deserved to be made into a full movie based ONLY on it's soundtrack, this would win. The drama never stops.

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