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Cool! Most folks I mention it to have never heard of it. Sorry to hear about that iPhone prob, I always stuck with Android phones, there's nearly always a workaround isn't there?
I'll simply buy an Android when my Iphone dies, I'm really angry at Apple because of their planned obsolescence and the difficulty to find parts for repairs.

Regarding the Talos Principle, I never found all 30 stars, did you?
I do believe music is very important, 60/100 ratio for games and movies. They set the emotion of the player and the person watching a movie.
However it is at the eye or ear of the beholder, I bet there are people who love the music in DOOM, listening to it during game play is ok but when not playing, heck no!

Kingdom Come Deliverance has great music, in game and you can actually listen to it outside the game and enjoy it. just to take one example, Elite is in the same category, however the music here is from 2014 so I don't consider it a new game.

In the good old days, I liked a lot of game music, some of it is kind of silly, but still it brings back good memories.

Quick question, is your name related to the Nibelungen?
Indeed it is.

I like this one, it's from a young "poser" they discovered him because of his LEGO robots:

Gernot the white Knight by Nin-jueTheKirin

He has german roots (he said) that's why he became interested in "Deutsche Heldensagen".
I don't like the gloriole and the cross to well, but i can live with that :)

Especially for this thread:
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The EVE online soundtrack is actually very compatible with Elite. I've listened to it a lot while playing ED. Heh. Awesome soundtrack.
Indeed it is.

I like this one, it's from a young "poser" they discovered him because of his LEGO robots:

Gernot the white Knight by Nin-jueTheKirin

He has german roots (he said) that's why he became interested in "Deutsche Heldensagen".
I don't like the gloriole and the cross to well, but i can live with that :)

Especially for this thread:
Cool, we are reading the Nibelungen as part of our german class, we are almost done and I must say it is a nice story. Poor Siegfried :(
The music of Video Games (note "video games" that's a quite old term).

It has used up all of my time in the past month i'm fiddling around with MIDI soundfonts and the old GUS to run it emulated in DOSBox.

Soundfonts and a virtual MIDI synthesizer such as "Coolsoft VirtualMIDI" are a great thing to enhance the sound of old games.
If the sfx would work together with the ROL sound it would even enhance old FE2.
GUS would have a solution for this "MAXBOS" but it unfortunately won't run emulated because of the expanded memory drive used for DOSBox, it fails caused by a wrong version number (as it tells).

However just to peep into it it's ok but the MIDI sound doesn't works well with the sfx, it turns the beeps and noises to instruments which also unfortunately hang when they are played back. Sounds a bit funny to have Instruments as SFX, did you ever played F1 Grand Prix with MIDI sound? Sounds very funny when you hear a piano chord as sound for the motor. It seems it was a limitation of early games to have either MIDI or Adlib sound. GUS was the solution for this drawback and played MIDI from wavetables and allowed to have MIDI music and digital SFX.

The order is; MS wavetable Synth (i would have liked to show off the sound of a real MPU-401 but my old machine is broken resp. the power supply), Creative SB 8MBGM soundfont and finally the "Fatboy" soundfont to compare. FE2 isn't the best game to show this off the ROL music is very limited thus whatever you do it won't sound much better. To sad i haven't (but sure i have that lurking around somewhere) an old win98 machine and a real GUS i would like to hear how that sounds with GUS it would be possible to patch the instruments for GUS which was one of the big strengths of GUS that developers could hand out a special patch for each tune.
GUS is a rotten complex thing but either something is flexible and complex or simple-simple.

The next clip shows what GUS was and that even when it's from 93 easy outsmarts the MS wavetable synth.
The opening sound selection screen plays back an ingame MIDI (probably the winning tune, because i never heard it before i extracted it)

(on the end of the clip you see a comparison to the Amiga version, just because it plays a "yep" when you start it on the virtual A4000)


Same order as the above clip, MSWS, 8MBGM, Fatboy, Fatboy sounds very good for classical music and jazz.
To be honest i never played Commander Keen actively (yet) i like the game(s) in despite of that some say they are totally overrated, by guessing what i had in early '90s for my dads PC it would have been quite good i think. Personally i used an Amiga500 and then an A2000 (and so on... i gave the tard up in 1998 but i still hold the A500 and a slightly broken A4000). Sure the platform games on the Amiga topped the PC for a long time. The handling is like for most early DOS platform games very sliuggish compared to Amiga games of the same genre and time.
What you hear here isn't the actual game music they are reconstructions made by the composer in MIDI format.

Yeah maybe i make a Keen clip using the old DOS MIDI players i downloaded - i like them, especially MEGAMID it's i guess the most advanced but unfortunately it didn't supports GUS so i need for this the GUS Playmidi program or a different player which will support it but i can't get rid of the GUI which is sad because i like to use them in batch proggies like you see in the "Settlers" clip.

Examine the clips for links to "Coolsoft VirtualMIDI synthesizer" and "Fatboy" (the coolsoft site will provide many more fonts).
There are other such programs with which you can set a soundfont to use for MIDI playback, i didn't tried them to me "Coolsoft" feels perfect.
You can enable up to four different fonts which are as four different MIDI devices present and can either be switched via the configuator or i.e. in DOSBox you can set the appropriate device number if more as one font is loaded.
I really prefere "Fatboy", "FluidR3" is another useful one when it comes to synthesizer sounds and "Weeds" (what has this dude done not yet?) created even one which i prefere for rock music which is problematic the guitars sound usually tard in MIDI but he made a good job.

I always liked the MIDI music in games and now i even like it better.
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Never mind Manticore but i would fall asleep with such music (at least what i can tell by the first track), it's sorta beautiful, to beautiful and somehow typical not to compare with "music of videogames" which warps me back to the early '80s to be honest for "video games" (like they was called in the '80s) the music was such primitive that it was mostly to stress the player, complete different sort of games and complete different music. Silent games like adventure/roleplaying had no music at all of course also a limitation of 8,16 and 32 kbyte sized rom's.
I like whatever it is maybe todays music is to massive for me, wouldn't it work without a choir of thousend and thousend violins?
To me a composition like a was listening to now is somewhat lame, massive but very stereotypic like it was composed by a software such stereotypic (which could be an approach). But it seems most like it, i'm an exclusion i guess.

BTW while i was searching also for additional music for "Phoenix" which i can publish at least as mod i stumbled over an artist who composes music for games and offers this for free for non-commercial projects as long as you name him as author of the used tracks, besides what i listened to already is also sorta this stereotypic, is it the software or leak ppl of ideas?

It's a great offer nonetheless.

Composing music generated, decades ago i had a little DOS proggy which turned any couple of notes to a composition in Bachs style, already a decade ago i mentioned such for "Pioneer", we have the numbers so we could compose generated "music" the result would be not to control and certainly out of space for such you would need a MIDI or a soundtracker library it would give the tard a new sense because this could be made only with that and i guess MIDI would suit even best to generate music.

Tom Morton himself didn't planned to have music in "Pioneer", his first reply on our demand was "you can play your most liked music using any media player while you are playing, i like classical music but i don't know what you like" of course but it's not the same as a score for a game. We have since long and many was composed by a comrade (s20dan, i can't remember his real name by now) which i met first here on frontier forums. I like and my choice for video games differs much to what i listen to else, i prefere rock, jazz-rock, funk, blues (or "verslibrünzler" translate that yourself and classical music) this sorta music usually won't fit well to games in my opinion. Sure classical music works always, all this sperical music used for games nowadays i never would listen to i prefere a MIDI of a an old tv-serie over this.
But whatever the music is in the game it belongs to it i guess.

"Buzz Aldrins Race Into Space" had a nice score imho, very classical inspired music such that my mother asked me who composed it "it's a score of a game mom".
I guess i make a clip of it played back using fatboy it sounds very vivid, very good compositions which can easy match up with John Williams who composed the score for star-wars. I didn't played that old game for real yet (which has a sequel now extended to missions to mars and a lot of CGI instead of the photographs or drawings but it's still the same strategy game probably it's even built on the same engine) i just peeped into it a couple of times but it seems the music differs for either NASA or the soviet space program.

IMHO and i know i'm not the only one who thinks this the music of games fitted on a floppy or two was better as todays music even when they was just MIDI, i feel they put far more effort in it as today and well it wasn't this stereotypic spherical sound for everything no matter if ego shooter or silent space strategy.
Doom had a nice rock tune in MIDI, surprising good i have to say because rock music is problematic for MIDI, as soon as i get GUS running for it i will make a new clip.
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Now, I'm not going to say that I bought Stellaris just because I stumbled into its soundtrack on Youtube, but...😏

Also, the X series. Entering in Kingdom's End, Argon Prime or Getsu Fune in X3 still gives me goosebumps.

Skyrim's "Far Horizon", Talos' "The Sigils Of Our Name", the Velen music in The Witcher 3...there are many, many, many musical gems hidden in many games. Visuals may age, music just stays with you.
Depends on how important visuals are for you, probabably it's all nostalgia in some sense, you will mostly like what you did in your youth when you get older because you get older. Of course the music stays (even if that is a beep) but i really didn't think that visuals age else a picture would age the same. It does but it brings back memories.

OK, i'm different, i never judged a game by visuals or graphics, but unfortunately most do so which has lead to that it won't matter if it's good to play as long as the visuals are outraking.
What matters to me is if i like to play it and this could be as well a Pong because i played that at the age of nine.
No music and no graphics at all :)
But homebrew made by my dad, in this case only this matters.

So says the modeler.

So yes it's true the music won't age - if you stick on graphics.
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