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once again another great c64 music composer and classic song to boot!!,
its truly amazing how they turned 3 channels and made it sound like there were more
Jeroen Tel

One more c64 classic by Rob Hubbard... revealing the genius of how he made the 3 channel sid chip sound like more channels!!
Mega Apocalypse

Only just seen this. Where do I start? :p

I love Skyrim. Even if fighting dragons can get irritating, it's all worth it when this starts playing:

Similarly, some of the best fights I've had in Fallout 4 have been with this in the background. Intensity means motivation! ;)

When a game you've grown up with gets remastered, arguably the main thing that hits you in the nostalgia is the music. Crash's soundtrack is now a lot cleaner and spruced up.

Brief reminder of what's personally the funniest part in Portal 2:
GLaDOS: "Well, this is the part where he kills us."
Wheatley: "Hello! This is the part where I kill you!"
Chapter 9: 'The Part Where He Kills You'
Achievement Unlocked: 'The Part Where He Kills You'
For anyone that's played space games. The score for EVE online is real A-Game stuff. No other game music quite came so close to that. Just beautiful, haunting, with every note emitting the feeling of "Space".

In other games I loved the music in the Witcher series again because it just put that feeling of the setting into sharp focus.
I've been playing Stardew Valley for the past week and the music in this game is incredible. The main theme has been stuck in my head for days now. So upbeat and catchy yet very old school feeling, reminds me strongly of Chrono Trigger's soundtrack.

I also adore music from indie city builder Banished:

Banished is a great game, and yeah I love the music too. I have over 200 hours played on Steam and have unlocked every single achievement! Created by one guy too, its a very impressive game, the Dark Souls of city builders, lol!
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