The New Darwin's Legacy (Beagle Point 2) - After Update 3.0

Greetings Commanders!

Two weeks ago I visited Darwin's Legacy, the second planet in the famous Beagle Point system.
As a participant of DWE 1 I was interested in the changes that happened during the 3.0-update.
So I took pictures of the new surface, added some reference coodinates and here we go.
Originaly I wanted to post my work in the famous thread of CMDR Olivia Vespera, where he and others named dozens of craters but his thread is closed. So I hereby open a new one and take reference to the old.
The surface of D.L. is completly new. New craters, new mountains, new texture. That means all the old names are obsolete:eek:. Sad as it sounds it was some great work and will be kept in memory as a legacy of the history of deep space exploration [up].
I already named a few features. That is inoffical of course since the big boys like Kamzel, Kaii, Olivia,... should also get involved here, but I just had fun naming them so there we are.
Here is the link to the old thread of CMDR Olivia Vespera:
These new pictures might even be helpful for the new DWE 2-expedition coming up. Although I fear there might be some more changes to the texture and surface with further updates since Frontier[alien] promised some interesting changes to planets. So even my work might be obsolete at the end of this year.

But enough chat [haha]. Here is the new Darwin's Legacy:​

(And here the link to the pictures with some higher resolution.)

On you go,

CMDR Karaya

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