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With the announcement of Planet Zoo is exciting. I was talking with some people not a week ago, about making similar games, we included a Zoo game. Makes sense too in the management side of things, lots of fun exploration to do in Zoos. Though it doesn't end there, as I had other ideas that could be used in the same sense. Some of them more difficult as a builder management, using the methods used in Planet Coaster, though I know there are ways to make it work. I will post this for you guys to read and theory craft, what's to be your next Planet Project topic. I hope it helps.

Planet Activity: I was talking about builder games, management and other topics they could be applied too. The idea was one is a activities game, based on freedom of city builder. The activities would similar to what you can play in California Game for NES. This Would be a city builder, you can apply the activities to areas, to allow some freedom of how to play the game. There would of course be more strict rules, for sanctioning sports of those activities. The activities are Skateboarding, Hacky sack, BMX, Roller skating, Surfing and frisbee golf, to start with. Most of these can be promoted as sanctioned sports, using the city builder as a base, then creating a free community of the population to drive the interest of the activity. Hacky Sack I see being a promotional tool, drawing attention to sanctioned sports, to drive monitory value in the game. Other activities would be Bungy jumping, skydiving, Dirt Bike racing and flying. Excite Bike, Pilotwings N64 and Wave Race n64 come to mind, to add DLC.

Planet Playground: is another interesting idea, as most playgrounds are free for the public. Can really manage a free activity, though you can drive find raisers to build the playgrounds for one. Another note is making play able characters, using mini games to play at these play grounds. This will draw attention of the population, allowing the popularity to help in fund raising of additional playgrounds. I think this stand alone is possible though most likely best bundled.

The plan is make all of these "Planet" games, use the playable character you made for mini games like stated in Planet Playground, across all titles or combined into one major game. I think within each of these titles, characters could have to start with simple mini games. These mini games are in example are, Planet Playground: Using Swings to swing your character (using the mouse or joystick to time the swings), Marry go rounds (Again timing the joystick in circles), and monkey bars in short (Soft pull tigers to move), balance beams (Joystick to balance the character). I started with the simplest examples, so they could be applied to more advanced activities. Using these could be reapplied t BMXing, Skateboarding and so on. With enough mini games, you could cover many activities creating fun factors for players.

Finally the end goal is, make the management side a little less prominent, making a mini game/playable character possible. Making something a little more automated, with a hierarchy of management that can AI solve some problems though not all of them. Then blending the management with the playable, as a overall end result. It won't be easy to let go of a lot of the management options, that's not what I am detailing here as that will be a more difficult project. Though the suggestion in Planet Playground of fund raising may help in that direction.

Anyhow I hope any of this make sense, in some kind of helpful way. Maybe there's enough here, to topic another Planet game for you to develop. It's a little off the monetary subject your games are focused around, though there are ways to make it work.
I was looking at a game the other day, it's small little planets neat looking and stuff. I was think if Frontier were to make a compilation of their games into one, they could do it on a small planet. Then you can share it with others, with the activities idea, being people can try you courses and activities for a high score style fun. Imagine in planet coaster skateboarding around, grinding the railing and kickflipping to your next activity. Or BMX tricking. Soaping. SO many options.
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