The No Man's Sky Thread

I've never found NMS to be a buggy game. I've played without issue after every patch... the way you say it, NMS is notoriously bugged
He had and perhaps still has some bugs.
the first that come to mind:
base quest blocked in certain circumstances.
storage cubes built on the freighter that if you approach us you fell into the void and died (now replaced by storage rooms).
polo quests that spam messages.
bug with the new frigates and mission of the frigates.

Then they changed gameplay with each update:
portals that don't work, then they work, then they work and you can move into the new system, then instead you can't move into the new system.
names of elements and plants that changed with each update.
crop times and economic yield that changed with each update.

The situation was not so bad anyway, this is true. But surely the management of the development of the game was very bad.

When you play for pure exploratory taste, without going into the various and other game mechanics, however, you don't notice these bugs, and the game is playable and enjoyable.
One thing that bothers me in the post Next No mans Sky is the kind of a forced progression through pretty long tutorial - build base, do mission for this guy, hire that guy ugh... even If you decided to ignore the red Atlas orb. I wish there was the way to skip it and obtain the BP the other way. Of course I can just play creative but its not the point.
I haven't finished the tutorial yet ;-

I get to the two guys in the space station every time and then kind of give up for a month or so and then restart the game after that!

Think I'm on my fourth attempt to restart it.
I wonder if something like that will ever happen to Fdev.
Hello games realy redeemed themself after it's rather bumpy start.
NMS is only getting better wich each update, and lots of bugs get fixed rather quick, what a contrast compared to ED.
The community used to buy FDEV pizzas when big updates were being deployed.

It is hard not to admire Hello Games. The media got hold of what they were doing and spun it out of all proportion. Their building got flooded and they lost loads of work. On release NMS must have been the biggest gaming disappointment in near history (in 2035 Star Citizen might take that crown) .

Hello Games turned that Train crash around and NMS is an absolute marvel of a game.
On release NMS must have been the biggest gaming disappointment in near history
regardless of whether that's true or not - many were unhappy, but i certainly didn't hate it, and put many hours into NMS v1.0 - i find it very hard to forgive the community for the way they reacted, recruiting people who didn't even own the game to pour hate upon NMS. legitimate complaints are understandable, but that was more like a mob-rule attempt to completely destroy HG.

...and some of those criticisms were unfounded; i myself found some of the supposedly 'missing' features during my early play (large diplos, sandy ground, plus others)

i got the impression that some of the disappointed players wanted to find all the goodies on the very first planet they landed on, and then even more wonders with each subsequent planet

imo the NMS ships handle like wounded sponges though, i really hope HG find a way to fix that
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