The Official Explorers Photography Thread.

Spiders, or Space Madness?
knuckle bones. Or jacks, google knows :)

Its a game.

Edit: You know what? Sometimes i look at these things on google and i almost feel as if im walking in the footsteps of the devs. Here is lady gaga dressed as one. Actual jacks are more like your picture....

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Finally checking out some lagrange clouds, will spend the next day or so seeing the different types.

The lighting effects are cool, your thrusters change colour in some of them, wonder whether that's the same deal as the galaxy being painted a different hue around an M class vs a black hole or a neutron star. I don't know if it's a bug or not, but it works with these clouds.

Is there a better site to use than imgur? Their latest update has made it a lot more difficult to navigate, use or even create new albums.
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