The Official Explorers Photography Thread.

This is probably old but there is a system with so many large suns in orbit around itself that you cannot zoom out far enough to see them all on the map.

Almost lined up properly. But hese planets seemingly lines up with this guardian site at certain times.

And this is from the bow-tie nebula:

And here is an oddity for you. A bigger star traveling around a smaller star. The mass is less but it's much bigger. First one of these I've seen. I've thrown in several other oddities from the same area:(nvm, imgur won't link the set of pics....)
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Shots from my most recent expedition around Errant Marches and such:
A Harsh Environment:
A Hot Jupiter:
Some Geological Recon:
Light and Shadow:
A Pink Gas Giant:
A distant Black Hole:
Illuminated Ring Dust:
A Serene Gas Giant:
A giant Volcano?:
Take off:
Smooth Molten Planet:
Another Distant Black Hole:
O Class Star/Mountainous Planet:
Where Even Light can't Escape:
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