The Official Explorers Photography Thread.

Here's some stuff from the Witch Head and the first few systems from there to the Orion Nebula:

Enroute from the Penitent...don't ask...

Views from around Witch Head:

The Witch's gaze pierces clouds, shadow, earth, and flesh...

The view of that peak from above. Bet you can't guess how I got here...

The descent into the peak's crater valley

Leaving the Witch Head behind

Until this, I thought the occaisional screenshot glitch was kind of cool.
I know this isn't exactly a discussion thread, but this pertains. What are peoples' opinions on supercruise screenshots; trails or no trails? How often do you drop out of supercruise for the sake of a picture without them?

I most often just throttle down, roll the dice and grab the shot right after a large trail occurs, thinking the odds are better for a cleaner screen just then. Very rarely do the trails add to to the pictures, IMO. It's just as rare that I'll drop out of supercruise for a streakless sky. I'm asking mostly to see if I'm in error per the community.

EDIT: While I'm at it, has anyone developed a technique for grabbing screens while in assisted orbit? I'm finding it uniquely challenging (relative to the size of the orbited body, obvi) with the continuous motion, but if it could be done I think it'd be a great tool for getting great captures.
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Here are a few from my current expedition to the farthest reaches of the Perseus Arm. There are amazing things out here! Even better in VR.

---- For some reason some images will not display. No idea why...sorry!
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