Community Event / Creation The Order of the Shadow's Grand System Hunt


The holy Purdow of The Order of the shadow, has announced the start of a Grand System hunt out in the area of Jaque’s Station,
For future expansion and colonization for the Order and two of our Allies.
Cmdr Infernal-jawa, the head of the order of the shadow’s pilot’s federation division,
is placing a bounty for 3 systems containing an earth like world, a water world, and a world with an icy ring, all must be within 1,000 lys of Eol Prou RS-T d3-94.
The specifics of the hunt is as follows.

CNP system hunt
After some talks with organizers of the Colonial Nebula Project organizers,
Our holy ta Purdow has agreed to add the CNP's two proposed system requirements and prizes for this part of the hunt.

- the first colonial prize condition requires that the submitted system contain an Earthlike world, and a world that is terraformable of any sort.

- the second colonial prize condition, requires a system with a colonisable world as set by the CNP and a water world.

Screen shot competition rules:
There will be three winners in this screen shot competition,
All participants can submit their entries via the frontier forum's private message system.
and will be contacted for permission to post their entry on the thread.

Submission requirements:
-this competition is open to Mac and PC pilots only.
-3 screenshots of the full system map highlighting the earth like
World, water world, and the world with the icy ring
so to clarify each submission must include three screen shots showing the scan details of the three target worlds, all must be in the same system.
The CNP entries are required to be entered the same way.

Note: the description of each world should be displayed in
Each screen shot in order to save time

additional note: All submissions are required to have full scan details of the targeted worlds
eg. the world with the icy ring needs to have the ring details visible and fully scanned.
if not full scanned details for the three target worlds, then submission will not be considered valid.
this is the same for the CNP requirements.

Additional note: please use imgur links to save space in
The thread or private message.

-all submissions must be within a 1,000 lys radius of eol prou rs-t d3-94, aka. Jaque’s station.

- The competition is being extended, from Sept.5, 2016 - Oct. 1, 2016,
the reason for this change is because the Colonial Nebula Project contacted me, to make The Grand System hunt a part of the CNP's prelaunch events.

- only one submission per participate will be accepted

-each winner will be contacted for contact info. via the private message in the frontier forums, so cmdr Infernal-Jawa can gift the prizes out

-there will be no ties for the competition only three different systems will be chosen, so there can be no duplicate systems chosen, to ensure this there is additional content to be considered in judging the system so there can be three different winning systems. In addition, 2 extra winners will be chosen for the CNP's portion of the hunt.
Hints: the closer the better, and the more the merrier

Each winner will be gifted the ASP Arrow head paint job, and 2 paint packs of the cmdr’s choice, this does not include the commander’s pack or the starter pack.

The CNP, will be providing two additional Paint packs as prizes for the Colonial Hunt

if you have any questions. pls. private message me in the frontier forums. ty.

Thank you cmdrs please take care and fly safe.
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Thankyou cmdr Putin Stronk for your submission.

unfortunately the system doesn't meet the requirements for The Order of the Shadow's portion of the Hunt,
but is a potential for the colonial hunt.
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Can I clarify,does each of the 3 systems require all 3 of those world's? Or just one of those in 3 systems?
Tagged a few ELW's on route to Jaques last maybe within that 1000 lyr limit,will check later and submit if it's valid.

Foget that,just read the small print all I'm the same system
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I confirm that the Colonia Nebula Project will be involve in The Order of the Shadow's Grand System Hunt.
We had some chats about that with Infernal-Jawa, very constructives indeed.
We will providing more detailed informations very soon (in particular, the way The Order of the Shadow and us will organized together in that task).
Anyway, for those who'd want to know more about the Colonia Nebula Project, its that way :
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Is the one entry limit per category or one entry in total? Can I have an entry for the Grand System Hunt, and one of the Colonial prizes? Or I have to choose only one? (Different systems for each entry)
Is the one entry limit per category or one entry in total? Can I have an entry for the Grand System Hunt, and one of the Colonial prizes? Or I have to choose only one? (Different systems for each entry)

"- only one submission per participate will be accepted" thus rule Applies to the competition as a whole, so to answer your questions, you will have to choose one system for submission.
I have doubts about this "- the second colonial prize condition, requires a system with a colonisable world as set by the CNP and a water world." What are the CNP requirements?
Commanders, meet Wayward Cove....

It is the jewel of my four month long exploration effort. It is yours if you want it.

In summary, it is about 500ly from Jaques and contains two Earthlikes, one Water World (Ammonia, terraformable), four High Metal Contents terraformable worlds, and a Metal Rich belt. Distance to the first world (HM No Atmo) is 1,400 ls, which is pretty good for an orbiting station or surface port.

I would like to compete for the first colonial prize should you deem it appropriate.
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The order of the Shadow's Grand System Hunt is officially over! No more entries will be accepted from this point on.

Congradulations cmdr Firemane and cmdr Putin Stronk for winning the two colonial Hunt prizes

Unfortunatly there were no entries that qualified for The Grand System Hunt's portion of the competition :(

I would like to thank all participants for submitting their entries for this little completion, I hope to see you again for the next one.

Take care and fly safe. o7
This was a fantastic initiative. Thank you for the opportunity.

I looked all over the place for a system that met the order's requirements. Seriously, I visited several thousand systems in the area during the time of the competition. Unfortunately, I couldn't find all three of the specs together. However, I have a couple dozen tasty A-list real state candidates fit for an Imperial Duke within 500ly of Jaques. I hope you find a system that meets your requirements, but if you don't let me know. I'll forward the system names to you free of charge. The same applies to any of the CCN affiliates.

I wish you guys good fortune in your relocation initiative. :D

See you at the edge of the Galaxy,

CMDR Firemane
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