Parks The Park that is yet to be named...

Hi there fellow park, prop and scene builders,

Since I have already finished the carreer mode I have decided to start on my 1st detailed park build! [big grin]

So far I made a small part of the park entrance butwanted to share it with you anyway.

Hope you like it and when I have more time to build I will keep you up to date.

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I'm liking the entrance!
I would like to see windows or those wall edge/corner pieces added to the building, I think that will make it look even better.

Of course it is your project though so you do you :)

Interested to see where this one goes
Here is the finished product of my entrance... ❤❤❤❤︎ this games takes up so much time [mouth shut][wacky]

Hoping there will be some extra content added in the patch tomorrow so I have more props to start building on my main street.