The Pirate Adventure!!! (Full Ride POV Day & Night) 400 Animatronics, 150 Special Effects and 100 Triggered Events! Come take a Ride!!!

Avast ye land lubbers! Set forth on this most EPIC Pirate Ride Ever! Hop on this spectaculaaaR water adventure... a Pirate Experience way better than any mouse ride ye ever been on!

Upon this journey you'll discover and explore the majestic waterfall caverns and hidden treasures, the town village market place, PLUS get in the middle of the battle of the Red Coat army fighting the mighty Pirates, then at last escape the fierce shark attack against the powerful krakens!

Experience Day and night POV along with bonus footage at the end of the video!

Download it on STEAM!
Hi , Tommy , it's your fan ! it must have been a hell of animation's job with all these peoples and battles ! Always surprising and with a great talent for decoration . Sceneries also still used as well . One more Must in your collection ! (y)(y)👏
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