The Planet Coaster Picture Thread

Thanks guys! Red that was a still shot from a recorded clip in Pandora. I didn't want to use the movie because it was another Youtubers but Im going to be at Disneyworld in a month so im going to film that chamber myself then use it all I want! ha!

Very nice looking Sdanwolf, and I'm curious when you've managed to create your own video :)

Today a simple idea came to my mind, and I must say it looks pretty Daim awesome. Sure I won't be the first with this idea, but I would love to share it:

Lighting scarabees in the dark!

[EDIT: now going to use IMGUR instead of photobucket, much more containing quality]
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It's an open air theatre inspired by a live action show. In-game it's nothing, but with a little b8t of imagination you can take a seat and watch the show.
Inspired on King Solomon Mine show from Walibi World (the Netherlands, doenst exist anymore);

OK - got it now...I see the seat backs. Didn't even catch that originally. For some odd reason I thought it was a load station and I couldn't figure out what was going on.
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@spanky The Arabian Nights buildings are awesome :) I love the custom texture you used for that familiar Islamic/Persian geometric patterning that's common on old buildings in the Middle East. The minarets and dome also look great. When will it be on the Workshop?

Here's my latest project with some screen shots:

Rev up your Lamborghini Countach and return to 1985 with Miami Nights, an 80s retrofuturistic themed go kart ride and city complex with 20+ vendors/facilities:

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