The Planet Coaster Picture Thread

Nemmie - this looks great...and I have to say...for a few seconds I forgot what part of the park you were working on here...and when I looked at that first photo I thought it was a set of escalators in an underground mall or something like that. Doh. Anyway - nice job here. Love the way you back your builds with a story and extra work to put all the construction stuff in. I would never have that patience.
That's superb, catty.

I spent the last few days actually playing the in game scenarios as I still haven't done them all. This is from the King Coaster scenario from the original campaign. It's also the first time I've really played with the in game Sci-fi set.

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My wing coaster Demonix is so nice to look at. I've been really proud of it since I finished it and it just proves how majestic these coasters can be. [big grin]
(and yes, since these pics were taken I have added fencing and I'm also in the process of building custom supports wherever I can)
Been making a lot of progress in my park lately. Following Cursed Tomb, I very quickly built an entire Oriental themed land (Sakura Valley) and already I'm onto a Norse themed one...starting with this gem, heavily inspired off Loke at Liseberg as some can tell. :)


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Hayo coaster friends!

Thanks to all of you for sharing your pictures of amazing Planet Coaster creations in the past few years!

With the upcoming Forum Revamp in sight I have moved this thread from the Community Creations General forum to the Planet Coaster Discussions forum (which will be renamed to General Discussion during the Forum Revamp) so that this thread can continue to be one place where you can share your Planet Coaster pictures with the community. I have also made this thread a sticky.

It's been an incredible ride so far and I look forward to see new pictures of your creations for years to come!

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