The Playstation 4 Screenshots thread

Stopping at the CG built mega ship for lunch..
The Dionysus Class Agricultural Vessel - The Ariel Manatee Nursery Megaship - The Munshin system...
(Were did I put those hatch breaker limits)​
A moment in history - saying hello to the new space station at the middle of the galaxy, when it first appeared.

Outside the Bubble Sector nebula:
Swapped my exploration Krait MkII for a Phantom. I still feel guilty for cheating on my Asp X, but this is such a good exploration ship. I wish they'd just called it the Krait Explorer.

You don't have to be at your PS4 to upload images to Twitter/Facebook to then post on this site..
Due to the remote play app... for Ios, Sony mobile. windows 8.1/10 and Mac 10.13/14
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