The Pomeche Ridge Challenge: a standing SRV time trial in association with the Buckyball Racing Club

And re: the direction, it's basically West, pointing at heading 270° on the start line.
There is nothing wrong with your instructions in the first post. ;) I simply couldn't be bothered to go and check them when I first landed on Pomeche (removing the headset and wandering upstairs to the other machine...)! :)

Haven't managed to make it to the end yet, and I'm completing the first stage in around ten minutes currently. I do like the hot SRV pickups from in the ravine, though - don't know why, but it is really satisfying to be collected by a hovering ship.

I'm down to two SRVs as I did pop one on a fall. Almost lost another, but managed to regain control just in time. I think I should have brought more. :D
Quick tip re: SRV survival (if it's not obvious) ... once it's apparent that you're off the ridge and into survival mode ... try hard to push your direction of travel along the ravine rather than across it. Much better survivability in my experience.
I've still only lost one SRV despite several close calls. I may not be getting very far along the ridge, but I am certainly developing the knack of landing successfully at the bottom of a cliff at over 200m/s. :)

What we need is a mountain somewhere with a nice ramp at the bottom so that you can convert all the downward speed you get from flyving down the mountain into a massive jump - which might be enough to get into orbit straight away (I suggest that should be the aim).

It could be called the Orbital Jump Challenge... I wonder if we could find a suitable location? :D I might have to do some exploring...
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That's gutting Alec
Actually it turns out the Blue section was about 20 seconds slower than yesterday's run - the Red would have been an absolute blinder tho! Oh well, if there's one thing the ridge teaches us it's that you just have to dust yourself off and try again ... and again ... and again. Except that now I'm in Millese for the Sagittarius Eye community goal. I'll be back tho ... I'LL BE BACK!
For those who claim the SRV never loses more than 50% in a single impact.
Thing is, that may have been a double impact. I've noticed that quite often when I take more damage than I was expecting it's because I hit the ground, then a rock immediately afterwards. Its difficult to tell from the video. Though the 50% idea doesn't really make sense, as if you dive down a cliff and land on your roof, you'll definitely explode - though I can dive down a cliff and land on my wheels ok (90% of the time :) ).

I've also discovered recently that hitting with front wheels reduces the damage significantly (all that time flyving round Kumay and I hadn't worked it out...). Instead of aiming for a flat landing, I now aim for a very slight angle so that front tyres hit first (must be a reason we have four on the front). It has made a huge difference to the amount of damage I take (though it also reduces the bounce considerably, so this may not be something you always want).
I'm down to my last SRV, and still haven't worked out how stay on the ridge. :D

Incidentally, I'm streaming all my attempts, though most of the time you'll likely see me trying to stop my SRV without exploding having yet again bounced off. As I mentioned earlier, my intention is to complete the challenge without repair - though in all honesty it isn't the lack of repairing that is hindering me currently!

When I lose my last SRV I'll need to go and restock, and might do some material collecting. I'll be back again later, though.
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Couple of tips for ridge runners (might get these into the OP).

- For your first few runs maybe focus on just getting to the end rather than trying to break any records. It's good for the moral and also you get to know the whole course (rather than just the few km over and over).

- At speed your course corrections need to be aggressive to make a difference. I spend a lot of my time tilted 90° on my side applying long, deep bursts of boost, desperately trying to push myself back on course.

- If you bounce on the left hand edge of the ridge you'd better be heading right when you do it or the slope of the ridge will angle you up, out and off the ridge. If you bounce on the right hand edge of the ridge then you'd better be heading left.
My second restock of SRVs today. :) One of my attempts did complete the blue run, and a lot of the red, but then I flew off just before the black (I think). Going to take a break for a bit, but will probably try some more later.
Yes, good & all... but what about the black run?

- For your first few runs maybe focus on just getting to the end rather than trying to break any records. It's good for the moral and also you get to know the whole course (rather than just the few km over and over).
100% agree on this. It's best to take a little time running the entire course a few times to get an idea of its layout. The blue run is brutal if you're attempting to finish it quickly because of its sharp turns and angled surfaces naturally wanting to push you off the ridge.
Like all masterclasses this makes it look easy. Sheer perfection, THAT is gonna be hard to beat - bravo sir! In particular this is an absolutely magnificent demonstration of how to cut those various Blue and Red run corners. I don't mind admitting that I'll be keeping this video on my iPad and studying and memorising the line you took VERY carefully. :D
100% agree on this. It's best to take a little time running the entire course a few times to get an idea of its layout.
My theory is that while you're running the course and learning it, you may as well learn it while travelling as fast as you can... :) Travelling across terrain slowly and quickly are different techniques. Keeping to the right of the ridge is the best path - the cliff/slope on the right gives you many places where you can bounce yourself back up. Veer too far to the left, though, and you run the risk of simply disappearing into the void... The slopes are sheer in quite a few places, and of course as the track goes round to the right it is very difficult to get yourself back on it from the left.

What controller are you using @turkwinif ? The up and down looks like a mouse, but not so for left and right... Or are you using keyboard for up and down (I've been considering trying this, as a HOTAS does not give fine control of this - at least, not in my hands!).

I'm good on the theory now, I think. It's the practise (or maybe skill :D) where I'm lacking.
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