The Pomeche Ridge Challenge: a standing SRV time trial in association with the Buckyball Racing Club

When I saw a new submision from Sgurr I was half expecting it to be recorded in months days hours minutes and seconds (taking in a complete circumnavigation of the planet along the way - congrat's again on that achievement). :ROFLMAO:

Anyway, after taking a 5000km long run-up, Sgurr has managed to complete the Blue run in just 3 mins 26 secs (!) and the Red run in 5 mins and 7 secs which means he's once again the reigning champion of all three sections of the course.


As the time approaches when Odyssey brings with it new terrain and the freezing of the existing Pomeche Ridge challenge leaderboard I can imagine that the pressure is on to be king of the ridge when that moment happens.
Wonderful tho' it is to add faster and faster times at the top of the leaderboard, I always get even more of a kick when I'm able to add the name of a brand new commander.

So please welcome Cmdr Just Call Me Dave and his SRV "Bounce Buggy" to the ridge!


Giving the Lave Radio boys a run for their money he nudges 8 seconds ahead of Cmdr Eid Leweise to take 41st place on the blue run, and a good minute ahead of Phoenix DFire on the red leaderboard to take 33rd place. Sadly he was defeated by the "saddle" at -64.81 (pretty sure I know the exact bit he means) but has vowed to try again. Bravo - that's the spirit!

Congratulations Dave ... welcome to the ridge and to the Buckyball Racing Club.
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