The Quest To Find Raxxla

Does this mean we know where Raxxla is now? I'm still waiting on wine 3.19 to drop to play. Does the new info give it away enough that people will still be able to hunt for it?
There isn't much to spoil. Just a few clarifications of the myth and some vague leads to tinfoil. Nothing concrete of course.
Jorki, watch the Obsidian Ant youtube video on the codex, he plays the audio for the whole of the raxxla piece (there is no spoiler in there)
Thanks, just found it!

edit: just watched his vid of the new scan mechanism & night vision. Hope FD have a tutorial ready because interpreting the scan mechanism doesn’t look very intuitive
The first paragraph of the Raxxla entry in the Codex reads like one of the treasure hunt CGs. I'd wait until release before looking for anything or trying too hard to infer a meaning, not least because wordings etc. might change.
There is also a mention of something later on in the Raxxla Codex (to avoid spoilers I'll just use the initials O.R.) where the O. is also mentioned in the Codex entry for something else (should have screenshotted it, forget whether it was The Dark Wheel or one of the Corporations, maybe Wreaken). Again, I want to wait until release because there is too much placeholder stuff in general and everything is subject to change.
I don't have much confidence in my ability to make any sense of this, just as I know there's no way I'd have solved the Rift mysteries (where Drew pretty much had to wave a flag and shout 'over here' for them to get solved in time). All I feel that I'll be able to do is keep an eye out for any beacons or listening posts and see what Codex entries I get. Putting something in the Codex requires you to scan it somehow, with a discovery scanner or the new Short Range Composition Scanner, so there must be something, somewhere, that needs to be visited.
From OA’s codex video The Dark Wheel entry looks interesting,
while the symbol on the left is the same as previously shown in the trailer the graphic on the right shows some type of station (orbis? It’s not clear on my ipad screen) apparently in orbit around a planet close to a red dwarf. Is this the origin of the “wheels”?
OK, I’ve come to a standstill in my current Questing, but thought it’s time to report. I assumed that “It's a journey that everyone has to travel for themselves" was a clue, leading to Elite & the (now disappeared) Shinrarta Dezhra TDW missions which others had undertaken without result. So I mooched around SD, found Weapon fire USS threat levels 5 & 6 near SD AB2 FA, which has a suspiciously orbital inclination (maybe a captured planetoid?), but level 5 was just a pirate attack & couldn’t relocate the level6. Nothing found in “gap” between orbital rings of AB2 E & F.

I thought I’d try to treat “A certain celestial body. Place that isn't a place, door that is also the key. The myth." as a riddle using EDSM data (by previous FSD-range arguments I assumed R is located close to/within the human bubble). Given that DB said R has been in-game since the beta I considered the game mechanics & suspected either there’s a cryptogram to solve with a key (the key being “home”, “gate”, “life” or Hope?) or perhaps the trail leads to a locked system permit. Forum query response suggests no outstanding cryptograms. Given there are several unpopulated locked systems in the bubble this seems a viable hypothesis, but how to get the permit?
Place that is not a Place”: Witchspace, Black Hole, “nowhere”, “no place” (song by Rufus du Sol), Home (in Reorte), Hope, Happiness, (other emotions named in-game?), Greek(-Utopia), Latin(-Nusquam, Calquing, Numquamia), Neverland, Heaven, “unnamed”, “noname”, Plaice (fish), Home could be Sol/Earth from where humanity originated. Placet system? Various stations named Laplace. “Hope” rang a bell and I realised the name Shinrarta Dezhra means “Life, she saw, hope" from a mixture of Russian and Arabic, which might have triggered DB/MB riddle setting mode...
door that is also the key”: gateway (1589 in EDSM), trapdoor (none), black hole, doorway (none), portal (none), port? (3,447 in EDSM), opening (none), hatch (3819 stars, 3451 planets, 1 station- hatch’s memorial/zeta lupi), entrance (none), entry (none), exit (none), egress (none), ingress (none), aperture (none), gate (4 stations: Alioth/Golden gate, Aztlan/Tannhauser gate, Gru Hypue ks-t d3-31/Gagarin gate, Kashyapa/Vihara gate), wicket (none), education? (None).

I checked out:
GATEWAY system (formerly Oltigu), close to SD, planet 1 is called Hope, which has Orbis station Dublin Citadel. Nothing found -8.5kls from sun or +21kls, nothing found around gateway 1, 2, 3 or 4. EGP operative in DBX named Hope seen in system...didn’t have an FSWS & he didn’t reappear! Gateway has a UCB reportedly pointing to San Tu science installation (but that seems to lead to crashed goid ship on HIP 17403.
Also LFT 361/Hope Gateway -orbis
Ran missions from both Dublin Citadel & Hope Gateway. Remembered Premonition’s/Alessia Verdi’s speech about TDW being a conglomerate of like-minded organisations & spotted that Official Gateway Nationalists have same triangular background symbol (reminiscent of Pilot Federation/Guardian triangular symbology) as Dominion of LFT 361 (both dictatorships, this symbol seems to be common to dictatorships)-perhaps you need to become allied with all parts of the real Dark Wheel to get the R permit? became allied with both these factions but no result (n.b. TDW in SD is, surprisingly, democratic).
Also checked out Sirius, Eitha/Song gateway (Eitha means Greeting (SAfrican) or Extreme(welsh) & a song has a musical key! (remembered “Silent Song of the Spheres”) but no obvious clues. Inspected mission board & outpost exterior.
Mooched in Beta Hydri (permit lock)/Homeland/Stevenson Base, planet Endl with Black Mausoleum-orbis, also in
Aztlan (mythical place of origin of the Aztec peoples)/Tannhauser (opera) Gate-orbis, nothing found in system.

Frustrated of Mu Leonis!

edit: forgot to say that for this investigation I also changed the name of my ship to HOPE, just in case that triggered something.
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Sideris: star, celestial body, constellation (Cicero). Tempest, storm (Vergilius).
Cynthia: huakintos, Kunthia, gem, jewel, Artemis' epithet.
Omphalos: "navel of the World" (Sgr A* or Yorkshire) ?
This makes me think of the Jewel Box star cluster (NGC 4755). It has an A-shaped asterism where the star at the tip is HR 4887 (not a very interesting system from EDSM).
As with the Formidine Rift mystery, even working out what is and is not a clue feels like a formidable task in itself. (Speaking of which, I don't have the Zurara or Teorge logs in my Knowledge Base in beta, so I wonder how much else is either missing or being held back).
Sideris: star, celestial body, constellation (Cicero). Tempest, storm (Vergilius).
Cynthia: huakintos, Kunthia, gem, jewel, Artemis' epithet.
Omphalos: "navel of the World" (Sgr A* or Yorkshire) ?
Thought omphalos came from willy wonka, or was it wizard of oz?
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