The Quest To Find Raxxla

Where are you getting 4.3LY from? If its a book most have been ret-conned after being part of the ret-con in the first place....this conspiracy runs deep.
A while back, FD was testing something called "SingleLightTest" which was a system that appeared on the galaxy map about 4.3Ly from Sol. Some players even spawned in-system when they logged in but at the time it was just a copy of another preexisting one.


Thanks! Ya was worried about getting out of the station so I slipped the camera in one of the crews bags.. Mars security picked him up.. so I guess that means I dont have to give him his cut on the last job. Might try this void mining thing next... sounds lucrative.
It is, and quite relaxing. Just remember to let the pirates scan you (or successfully hide) before starting to mine. Use Night vision and after finding a potential asteroid (orange/red/green when PWA used) look for deep core asteroid fissures before using prospector limpet to confirm the payload. Split the 'roid, use collector to get loose ones before abrasion blasting the rest. In a Phantom I got 96 in cargo hold plus 8 more in the refinery. Check best sell price location (Inara or EDDB) & Avoid pirates!
Excuse my ignorance, but I heard there was an update to the Dark Wheel story but I'm not sure what it was or what it means. Could someone catch me up please.
Imprint by Andy Redman. Stories of the life on the frontier, two collections of novels. Elite: Legacy
by Michael Brookes
. Lots of fan novels and official Elite dangerous novels too.

/apparently there was a sequel planned for The Dark Wheel, but that was not to be.
//of course there are other kinds of outside influences too. This is just a reminder for a certain Twitch streamer interested in lore.
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Intelligence reports that a nearby
system has been invaded by alien
Thargoid ships and that the
Coriolis orbiting space station
is under attack. We suggest that
you destroy the space station and
not try dock with it if you come
across heavy alien concentrations
in that system!

Press any key to continue!
Excuse my ignorance, but I heard there was an update to the Dark Wheel story but I'm not sure what it was or what it means. Could someone catch me up please.
You might need to give us more to go on. I'm not aware of anything new since the codex was introduced into the game. What did you hear, and from where, and maybe we can help :)
While in Sol, I took a peek in one of the research centers in Mars... someone left their notebook open, so I snapped a pic

What does the barcode at the bottom come out to?

Also if any of that is true. Thent hose guardian gun platforms are also of the same shape in general. That is what that bottom picture is insinuating. And they are supposed to be portals to start with I think. Didn't someone try to turn them all on at the same time? Maybe in a group game?! Or in open..

Are those portal guns in anyway layed out in a pattern? Has anyone mapped them in both 2d and 3d. I imagine 2d could be hard with infinite perspective.
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Anything associated with fibonacci or prime numbers 😉
I see...usual full scan on the random route :D

Btw, project "Dynasty" had to go deeper there. I meet 5-6-7 terra/water/earth planets all the way, like 4-5 such systems with 4-6 planets per 3000 ly (i'm coming from opposite part - finishing round trip). Outer arm region around has tens of wolf-ryer's stars.
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