Interesting fact:
The name “Pamela” was invented by the sixteenth-century poet Sir Philip Sidney (of Astrophil & Stella fame), (amazing what knowledge crops up on TV’s Pointless quiz!). Pamela is possibly derived from the Greek words pan meaning all and meli meaning honey.

There is apparently a “Cobra Elite” series of books by Pamela Clare...🧐
PAMELA pops up all the time, when I search for Dark Matter connections.
Winking Cat Tinfoil Incoming.

The scripted live stream yesterday mentioned Winking Cat in two ways. Once with the mention of Ethel Moonshot and then the Sagittarius Eye magazine on the desk was the one that had Winking Cat on the cover. This Winking Cat stuff happened over a year ago now.

I remember previously on another live stream one of the female employees stated that the Winking Cat article of Sagittarius Eye was her favorite one.

What are we missing regarding this Winking Cat stuff. There’s got to be something there.
I agree, the Channel 4 broadcast, although rather strained did feel overtly heavy, are they so lost for irony that they're employing Raxxla etc as easy source material, or as I fear gearing us up for some future content drop.

I do hope they dont pull the same shenanigans for Raxxla that they have done for the 31st October event, because it makes me suspicious that Raxxla isn't active (but in game) and only sleeping, awaiting some future narrative to activate it.

I hope this is not the case.

However the broadcast does feel like a heavy hint; that the clues are out there, but we're not seeing them for what they are, its either likely far too obvious, or unsolvable because its not 'activated'.

I was realy interested by the emphasis on something smelling really bad...made me think of the omphalos....the rift beneath the Pythia, of Pythos rotting corpse....

Fun times.
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Well I’ve gone mad previously trying to decipher the Winking Cat Story line in the past so I don’t feel as though I’m unbiased enough for it now But I’ll just put out a few of the things mentioned within it to possibly generate thoughts.

I’m going off memory because my usual searchable Galnet Archive is down unfortunately.

First theft: A work of art that watches the viewer and adapts itself to fit the viewer.

2nd: Lal Candromir New Dawn statues stolen from Eotienses.

3rd: Giant holosculpture above Olympus on New Years Eve. (I may be remembering out of order, sorry) The sculpture was supposed to be the federation logo. Do we know what that logo is supposed to represent? I tried looking but came up short.

4th: Rembrandt‘s two circles, Guernica by Picasso, Terra Absentia Zoe Okeke from Mars. Terra Absentia might be intended to mean “missing land“ or Land in absence.

5th: Returned a painting to Alioth named Penance Street.

Now in the 4th theft they specified the centuries these works of art were created as 17th, 20th, and 23rd. Could these centuries be applied in any meaningful way to narrow down a location? Or are they indicating something else.

I’ll have to check what you mentionEd Rochester. Sometimes hints to scents like ammonia for example could indicate a relationship to Thargoids.

There’s got to be a reason why they keep bringing up Winking Cat although that storyline ceased so long ago at least in my mind. I remember the devs of Sea of Thieves would leave little objects in their streams to hint at stuff. I think FDEV having the Winking Cat magazine may be a similar approach.
I can see the Winking Cat stuff tying into the current story, but not to the dark wheel or Raxxla. Most of the characters we know of in the dark wheel that could have pulled this off are all dead except possibly one or two (Alessia Verdi or a Ryder).

The Winking Cat heists likely required:
1) Beyond state of the art tech capability
2) Interest in AI dev or control of AI (knows about past 'secret' ai experiments or guardians etc)
3) Sympathy towards the alliance and an need to atone for past actions
4) Some understanding/appreciation of "ancient" art
5) A willingness to work outside the lines
6) Ability to locate 'lost works". (connections to black markets etc)

From this it seems likely that the heists were the result of a state, inra or club backed group. Arissa to my mind is the most likely candidate to be backing the heists. She has the tech. She is aware of the threat of AI as Emperor. She may regret the actions of inra in killing mic turner (which basically no one is supposed to know about in detail except federal and imperical leadership.). She decorates her living spaces with ancient paintings etc per Premonition. She was willing to use unofficial back channels in Premonition, and Salome had a tendency to spark rebellious streaks in people she meets. Having the entire imperial intel apparatus to call upon would make finding/tracking hidden things much easier.

As far as engineers go Jameson(automated systems expert, high level Pilots federation resources), Nemo (Hacking), Tani (mysterious imperial backer, possibly Arissa?,gang ties,power systems) or the Dweller (underground) seem the most likely options, but most any of them (or a sub set) could probably done it given the right motivation. The general connection between engineers and the club muddies this a bit.
"Where" Raxxla "Was"?

About 2:15. Past tense? A clue or filler, was Raxxla an event, is this poor delivery or a deliberate hint, e.g. Winking Cat deals with incidents occurring at different times, artwork from different time periods? Who knows.... smells fishy.

The Winking Cat always perplexed me, probably because it referenced 2 real life paintings by Picasso and Rembrant.

That threw me because Picasso loved Rembrant and replicated many of Rembrants works. The 2 circles is throught to be a reference to Giotto and his perfect 'O' amongst others.

Likewise Picasso had a favorite assignment for young artists to have them try and draw a perfect circle....

By drawing a perfect circle, Picasso aligns himself with Giotto as well as Rembrant as an artist who replies to his critics not with words but simply with a pure line.

What has this this to do with the other 'fictional' artists that The Winking Cat steals? My only hypothesis was that the artwork was irrelevant, the Galnet articles either 'fluff' or red herrings, that something else was being referenced, locations and times?

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Just noticed the first piece of MB's back tattoo just happens to be Adamastor....

View attachment 193600

View attachment 193599

Excellent work Cmdr, well spotted, I feel this is the beginning of the journey mapped out on the skin of Brooks.

I would not be surprised if the journey is purely 'creative' and is a narrative we must follow.
Just noticed the first piece of MB's back tattoo just happens to be Adamastor....

View attachment 193600

View attachment 193599

Excellent work Cmdr, well spotted, I feel this is the beginning of the journey mapped out on the skin of Brooks.

I would not be surprised if the journey is purely 'creative' and is a narrative we must follow.

Back in the Truthsayer interview MBs stated he had nothing to comment 'at that time'; and his continued reluctance to publish, in his own account, his best work to date, and then go commission a book cover and then a back tattoo, only raises my suspicions that MBs has already written Raxxla as the goal of his narrative which will be played out, over time in game.

Much like the megaship Adamastor, I am becoming doubtful that its 'currently' discoverable, yes, that its in game, but only within the context that its yet to be 'actioned'.

We will know for certain if this is the case if following FD next big narrative content drop, part of that correlates with Brooks tattoo, then Raxxla may be at the end of this narrative.

We as questers may hold more cards than others, to make a few narrative jumps, but so far if the Adamastor is the starting point whatever comes next may not actually be discoverable until FD place it in game.

Was the Adamastor, already in game prior to this Halloween event? Is anything which follows already in game?

It would make sense for FD to utilise this method of drip feeding narrative, as its what they do.
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