The Quest to find Soontill

There's a massive thread out there for people trying to find Raxxla, but I haven't seen anybody seriously trying to find the other great mystery in the game - the real Soontill. Yes, we do have a Soontill in the Galaxy Map, but I think we've been lied to. I think Galnet are hiding something in plain sight, and there is an increasing body of evidence to state that the Soontill you think is Soontill, isn't the real one. There is more information and some clues about it here.

The system we currently call Soontill has a tourist hotspot where a reputed Human-Thargoid project took place:

"This is rumoured to be the site of the CIEP base. Some stories claim a combined Human-Thargoid project took place here."

But the actual Soontill is said to be a fantastical world filled with Thargoid treasures, discovered by pilots from an off-shoot of the mysterious Dark Wheel. It's location was discovered by pirates, and it looks like it was destroyed at some point. Or was it?

There is an interesting clue as to its location on the Research section of the Elite Dangerous wiki page:

"The acronym CIEP could mean Circle of Independent Elite Pilots, an offshoot of The Dark Wheel. They used it as a secret military base before being run off by pirates with fancy military technology. The location of Soontill was found by the pirates because it was close to Grandmort and the origin of the Circle attack force which traveled (out of their way) through Brohman and Lanaest to reach Delta Phoenicis.

The description (abbreviated from the description given by the pirate Robert Gary) upon entering the system is that of a pale purple Brown Dwarf 2AU (998ls) away with a large debris field and “space fog” with a planet hidden inside. That planet was supposedly turned into a volcanic mess by said pirate. This does not sound like the Soontill System listed in the UC database (well maybe the 4th planet)."

My research into possible candidates for the real Soontill centred around a system that would be a relatively short distance from the Grandmort system, and after a lot of digging and searching, I found one system that appeared to be a perfect candidate - HIP 58482.

It fit the criteria perfectly:

1. It was in a totally different location on the galaxy map to the current Soontill.
2. It was a relatively short distance from Grandmort - for pre-engineering pirate ships to jump to.
3. It had a Classy Y dwarf - HIP 58482 1 at *exactly* 998LS distance from the main star upon arrival.
4. The dwarf even has an eerie shine or glow as you approach it.

Alas, it was not meant to be. After waiting patiently for Chapter 4 to drop, I began my scan of the system in a painstaking and methodical manner. I believe I have scanned or mapped every USS, every asteroid belt, every body, in that system. I found nothing on the planets apart from Geological points of interest and the odd Degraded Emissions signals. There was nothing.

This is deeply disappointing, but the search continues. I wanted to share down my findings in the hope that someone else might find this useful, and so they would avoid covering the same ground.

The real Soontill is out there - somewhere...waiting to be found.

o7 Commanders.
Unfortunately, as far as ED lore is concerned, the system labelled "Soontill" is "the real Soontill". I would not expect FD to be so convoluted as to put a fake Soontill on the map, then hide the real Soontill under another name elsewhere.

If Raxxla could have been found simply by typing "Raxxla" into the galmap search bar, than that "Raxxla" would have been "the real Raxxla", as far as ED lore was concerned. The "real Raxxla" is (presumably) hidden under a false name, but the "real Soontill" is in the Soontill system.

In ED lore, the "Soontill Relics" are a Rare Good and are presumed to be fake. At least, that's what the Engineer who insists you bring her some keeps saying.
If you follow the instructions in 'And Here the Wheel' on the subject of locating Soontil, you will find that the in-game system is exactly where it states in the book.
Thanks all. That's a bit disappointing. I was really hoping to find some more mystery about this :-(
Ya as shown the ingame Soontill does not match up at all with that in the book. Unfortunatly I was unable to find anything more than that. I was hoping to find Garys Reclamation out there somewhere near Grandmort.. I even tried looking at trade data of the systems in that area.... But i imagine its just an example of inconsistancies between the books which were written before the game was out, and the final product.
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