[h=2]The Rangers[/h]
The Rangers If you are looking for a player group to help or support we are an active group that joined ELITE DANGEROUS before the game was launched.

The main voice server is now on discord with an open invite to all at :

RayOK [K.I.A] Good bye my old and dear Friend
Phoenix Warlock [K.I.A] Good bye my old Friend

The two commander names above are now flown by the Ghost wing of THE RANGERS, all Elite RANGERS members will be given the chance to fly the ships. As long as they agree to play by the rules set by the commander names, and by Frontier and of course by me Cmdr -Han_Solo-

Valliant [K.I.A] Good bye old Friend

We are -RANGERS- We walk in the Dark Places no others will Enter. We do not break away from combat [ we all leave or no one leaves ]
We stand on the bridge and no one may pass.
We do not retreat we live for the one we die for the one.

This thread has now been edited to show some of the lore behind THE RANGERS.

The Lore behind the MARQUIS DU MA'A and why they are Feudalists duelists and combat specialists.

The MARQUIS DU MA'A is made up of what remained of the democratic industrialists and extraction worlds for a 260LY range. The worlds are rich in resources and terraformable planets, unfortunately, once the pirates made it out to the systems they to soon found out how rich the planets were and formed a pirate guild and a massive fleet of pirate ships.

They killed or enslaved the people or chased them out and took over almost all of the systems, groups of the youngest and strongest people from all those areas that could formed a convoy of small fighters and left. Once they found the almost dead system called MA"A with one star and one very inhospitable planet they stopped running. And started building and training hiding most of the time while being supplied by the civilizations they had to flee. They finally constructed a small orbital station and after a long vote trying to chose a name for the newly formed free people's they chose to call themselves "The MARQUIS DU MA'A". They formed the combat and explorer group, THE RANGERS and after a lifetime of hiding and trying to help the worlds they started from, decided it was time to fight back and take back the worlds from the pirates and dictators.

They are now the ruling faction in the area but are still fighting and helping as many worlds as possible, to fight back and kick out the pirates. They have become teachers explorers traders and industrialists bounty hunters, and very agresive combat pilots showing the pirates no mercy and chasing then out of as many systems as possible. The aim is now to try and build a large defensive force, for what some see as the WAR that is coming with a large new hostile force. All the worlds that do not need new leadership they are teaching the combat pilots, how to defend against large odds and were it looks like they have no chance of winning. How to win in a no win fight and kill four or five times as many ships as they lose forcing much larger fleets to withdraw from battle or to lose the fight. Once the hostile force withdraws they form Alliances with any survivors and try and help any free people that survived rebuild thus growing and expanding and making a name that all pirates in the area fear and recognise as a major threat.

All the names in the above list show all Cmdr's that joined THE RANGERS some sadly have since passed away and can no longer play, though you will still see a few of their ships flown by the ghost squad of RANGERS. Some simply joined other player groups.

Because we are THE RANGERS.
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