"The Retaliation Platoon [RNPT]" is part of the SPEAR-Network. The main Law-Enforcer-Community in Elite Dangerous.
You will find us in the hotspots of PvP (Shinrartra Dezhra, Cubeo, Nanomam, Wyrd, Deciat, Eravate etc.) and on the recent Community Goals.

You are tired of being bullied by griefers and gankers or killed by terrorists?

Call us and we can help you solve this problem or teach you to defend yourselves.
We have many experienced and skilled PvP CMDRs available for training and combat over the SPEAR Network!

main language of our force is german but we normally cooperate with international pilots so english is welcome.

Our main tasks are
anti terror operations,
secret operations
security enforcement

we normally operate with other forces of SPEAR to have enough power to fight the most dangerous terrorist forces in the galaxy.

view of Flight Leader Bellerophon

Retaliation Operation
for the uncountable victims of the DW2

if its necessary though and nobody is available
we also try to stop terrorists alone
We only expect 100% lawful behaviour against other CMDRs!

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This planet needs more acronyms!
And while we are at it, let's use random ones for silly names.

The Retaliation Platoon : RNPT

Really? Guys, you want to be the Retaliation Platoon [RP], from there its just a short trip to [RiP].
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