The roller coaster design is so basic that I don't want to raise it....

For the next update idea...

I'd like to suggest a train design for the roller coaster.
Other roller coasters look alike when they change color.
In the case of the Wooden Coster, "El Toro."
The tracks can be made the same, but the intamin prefab design
It is very sad that it is not implemented on the game.

I used to play a lot of games about amusement parks,
It's just a basic design.
There was no design for other companies.
..I really want to hear your answer.

If you have an idea above, you can always buy it on dlc.
I have an idea. Please.
I don't understand what you mean.

Do you want more train designs or do you want to have differences in the way the track looks depending on the manufacturer?
While that isn't a bad idea, it may be a bit of a hassle to program if they wanted to factor in weight and aerodynamics, etc. If they didn't, it would be just another thing for the TMTK. But, no matter how you look, I think that the current train selection works, and is accurate to how actual theme parks work, as each manufacturer (with their own unique track types, for the most part) have a set of trains that a park can choose when buying a coaster. For example, you won't see that many Intamin trains on B&M Hypers. Some manufacturers can put their trains on another manufacturer's track, but that is somewhat uncommon, and, for the most part, only happens with wooden coasters. In this game, you can use settings to force another's train onto a track type, but that's far from how it really works. It's not often you see a custom train, most of the customization on them comes on the figurehead (think the Intamin Blitz coasters like Cheetah Hunt and Taron with unique fronts), which would be cool to design, but would be taxing on the already overtaxed engine.
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