Roller Coasters The Santa Claus Railroad Gift Transportation

Hi PlanCo Lovers !

Here's this time of the year where everyone sings Jingle' Bells and put too many lights on their house (and I'm might be one of them), Christmas Time !

So, as to celebrate that, I've started a new project : The Santa Claus Railroad Gift Transportation !

First of all, I've starded this with just one idea, make a christmas related coaster. Now, I've some toughts for the storyline, but it will be a surprise !

Not so much to show for now, but it will come ASAP !

First try at the layout. But, as it was a bit lame and slow, I've modified it, as well as the terrain

As you see, I will try to have a very close to the ground layout, as BTM (or Silvarret's Jagerhorn), but man, that is a lot of work !
But, as an advent calendar, I will try to finish it for Christmas !
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Thanks ! So, a frien of mine came with a new name for the ride

The Santa Claus Adventure : Magical Railroad Gifts Transportation

I kind of like it more than mine, so I'll go with it.

Anyway, I'm not just here to talk about names, but also to share a few pictures.

I finished the terraforming. Was a bit long to match the terrain to the layout as I plan not to have a single steel support on the coaster. So, anywhere there is a gap will be a custom bridge, or custom wooden support, like BTM does have (talking about the french one here, cuz it's the only one I done so far) before lift B.

So here's an aeral view of the layout. At this point it's very naked, of course there'll be trees,rocks, buildings and themins around the course to make it look prettier.
As for the main building/station, it's just here to have a general view of what it can render. I might change the configuration of it in the future.

But, meanwhile, I began to work on the theming of the layout, especially the bridges.

There's a lot more work to do then !
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