The Scourge - Overview of Phases

Great time to buy one if you want one.. Remember that your rebuys will always reflect the reduced price that you bought it at. 👍

Depending on how much the discount is, I might sell every cargo rack that I own and buy new ones at reduced price just because of that reason.
Good shout. Probably worth a trip to the bubble just for that reason. Let's face it - the lower the rebuy on a T9 the better...
Sorry cmdr, for my bit late reaction. Inara page updated. (I was away from my computer).
For the record, my post wasn't meant to be taken as "Inara is slow to update," because I saw the Inara page before seeing the galnet update. My impression was that Inara was ahead of the curve! 🤣
People have tested that I believe - didn't work. But feel free - there is plenty :) Wonder if you can still sell at a profit 🤔
In all honesty, it wouldn't make sense for selling it anywhere now to spread the blight any further. Since the news is out, nobody you delivered the fertilizer to should be using it on their crops..
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