The Scourge - Overview of Phases

If it all goes to hell, all that tasty cargo (YES I WENT THERE) means MY FAMILY WILL NOT GO HUNGRY TONIGHT.

Now, time for my medicines.
Good luck not killing your family munching on grain, pesticides or synthetic reagents...

Good that I go on vacation tomorrow, so I don't have to decide to take part on these CGs or stay in Colonia 😆
"New Blight" as in .... Part 2: Professor Palin believes it is a Thargoid retaliation attack. Kill Thargoids.

Which reminds me ...... what happened to the mysterious Thargoid that was seen at the old Palin base? 🤔
I have one suggestion for the future Initiatives, if I may.

Could you please separate in-game/in-character speech ("The Interstellar Association for Agriculture has declared a state of emergency...") from out-of-game meta talk ("Throughout the course of the event, we'll be periodically updating this thread...")?

Ideally, everything written here should have played out naturally via in-game announcements, including the Initiative announcement itself. As if an independent governing body (e. g. Pilots' Federation) sees the unfolding events and says: "This stuff is too important to let it run its course, we take the initiative under our sponsorship and supervision and declare it an Interstellar Initiative, with code name The Scourge". Obviously, that announcement should be its own separate in-game news piece.
uh huh
Good. That's a baby step in the right direction. Unfortunately, the whole "Interstellar Initiative" itself remains a sideband mess of meta talk interspersed with small bits of incoherent in-character speech with no mention of the concept in-game whatsoever.
Errr, nope - there's been a series of gelnet posts, now the CGs. All in-game.

Edit: Plus the addition of the pesticides, the drop in various Agricultural markets over the last few weeks. All in-game.
You appear to be refuting a different point from the one that I stated.
Ah I see : The II is an out of game concept tying together in-game activities. So you're asking for the meta-game to be embedded inside the game? ooohkay..... I guess I'll leave you to that.
The II is an out of game concept
Seeing that the II's announcement utilizes in-character speech, it doesn't seem like it's intended to be an "out of game concept". This inconsistency is exactly what annoys me.

Either you say

Commanders --
This is head of the IAA speaking, the Interstellar Association for Agriculture has declared a state of emergency ---
Independent pilots are being asked to bring grain, pesticides and synthetic reagents to two key locations --
or you say

Commanders -- this is Will Flanagan speaking, we know that you are bored, so here is some new CGs for you, we'll announce details of the next activity in one week.
But not both at the same time.
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Sorry, but I have a few questions. I know you won't answer if Raxxla is in-game and intractable, so let's move further.

1) Four systems were damaged, Orrerve, Diso, Riedquat and Lave. Why are we helping only to Orrerve and Diso?
2) There are other systems noticed as having "Blight". What happens there and why are we not helping them?
3) Rockfort introduced a new fertilizer. I'm not saying it can harm the crops, or not, just asking if it's anyhow needed to be hauled.
4) Let's imagine some political organization is against the CG. They are not able to UA-bomb the station, to undermine this as in Powerplay, to oppose anyhow the CG. Is it intended to be so?
5) Is it fair (look at №4)
6) If some organization wants to help the other way, with setting more agricultural installations, for example, what do they have to do to get thier CG?

Thank you for your time. It would be glad if you answer this as detailed as you can, for dummies like me.
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