The Sidewinder [Elite Dangerous]

Sir you entertained me a lot. And next ship? Might be a "skipping" but Pythoon is what I would like to see. Who doesnt love Pythoon?

I would love to see ppl like you making such videos for things like CG or Interstelar Thingy.
It definitely has two big advantages: It sounds bad-*** and it can land anywhere. And it's more a multi-purpose than a fighter.
The stock ship is a pain to fly. But ive engineered mine gradually over the years. As ive learned more about the game and unlocked new engineers and abilities ive slowly turned my slow anoying Mk4 into a little monster. Its handles well, it fights hard, it takes hits like a boss and i love the way it looks.

I love under dog ships because you have to work with them to love them. Ships that have all the gifts are boring because they fly for you.
My Mk4 needed my time to turn it into my favourite ship in the game. Its got personality.

Its my ship.
Loved it! [expletive] brilliant! I still have a Sidey living in Colonia :)

Courier, maybe? Viper 3/4?

(now I had to visit your youtube channel! Another subscriber :) )
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Loved it! And sideys are awesome. Engineered they are the most agile, together with the Eagle, and with its six tiny slots you can have a diverse little mission runner. Plus it lands everywhere you want to and can jump around 30 LY, which aint all that bad. Go sidey!
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