[FEDERATION] The Silver Ram Mining Co. [Recruiting, New Player Friendly, Active Group, Relaxed group]




The Silver Ram Mining company is now looking to fill up its ranks with eager new faces looking to make some big money.
We here at the Silver Ram Mining Co wish to take a load off the galaxy's back by loading our cargo bays with as much minerals, metals, and natural resources as we can. You name it, we mine it, and if that doesn't sound like the best thing in the world, then you're probably a thargoid.

You may be wondering, why not just grab my own mining tools and set off into the endless abyss and discover my riches? Well simply put, the world is dangerous, thargoids, pirates, and politicians are on the prowl and it can be scary when you have a cargo bay full of diamonds and find yourself being surrounded by bad guys. That's where we come in, not only will we offer you complete and total protection during your mining adventures, we will personally escort you to and from various hot spots where our own scouts have discovered only the best resources.

So, sounds like a good gig right? well what are the other benefits besides protection?


Here at Silver Ram, we value all of our pilots, everyone has a specific task to perform but also has the freedom to do what you want.
We offer our pilots a solid retirement plan complete with a 100% matching 401K as well as competitive life insurance and ship insurance policies.
We also offer you access to our own personal comms system, as well as access to our security services.
For rookie pilots, we also offer a mentor program where our experienced commanders will take you out and help develop your skills in a safe environment.


There are a ton of jobs now open and they are calling your name! Just send in your application, or contact our CEO Commander Nico Nii. We will process your application and reach out to you within a couple of days.
here is a small list of available roles or jobs that need filling

Security Forces
Resource Scout

To send in an application, please head to our Inara Page HERE!

In your application, go ahead and tell us a little bit about yourself, and include a screenshot of your pilot information, which can be found on the home screen of your right hand console as seen here

The Silver Ram Mining Company is a new player faction and we are looking to start building up our reputation as a reliable source of minerals and materials in various economies as well as help unionize the thousands of miners who are scared to traverse the galactic high ways in search of their riches.

Silver Ram was founded on a dream, a dream of prosperity and security for all.
We look forwards to working with you!
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Sorry I'm not entirely clear on the application process. Are we to seek out a one Nico Nii? Do you prehaps have a discord, website or presence on Inara? Thanks for any help! I'm definitely interested.
Hello there commanders! o7

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Silver Ram Mining Co executives have determined that it is in the companies best interest to ally itself with the Federal United Command!

Our company will be providing support and resources to furthering the federations goals as well as supporting the federation in there fight to protect the people of the federation from the clutches of hostile forces.
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