The Silverbacks (SVBK) are recruiting!

The Silverbacks started as a funny and nostalgic conversation with a bunch of older gamers in the Inara discussion threads. The joke was made that we should call ourselves the Silverbacks, and on a whim the new squadron was founded.

While we are officially not committed to a major Faction or Power, the Silverbacks are committed to fighting the fair fight. We defend humanity from Thargoids, the defenseless from pirates and murderers, and we uphold the principles of Liberty and Democracy.

We have a number of operations in place, from managing the BGS in our systems, destroying pirates, and combating the Thargoid threat, to peaceful exploration, trading, and mining. We also provide opportunities for commanders new to any aspect of the game to learn the ropes in tandem with some of the most seasoned commanders you'll find anywhere in the galaxy.

In-game squadron divisions for the Silverbacks are present on all Elite Dangerous platforms: PC, Playstation, and XBox.

For more information, here's our page on Inara:

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