General / Off-Topic The tattoo is done! Pictures inside!

A pinch from a pair of tweezers, over and over and over again. Ouch.

I had mine removed. It's four times the pain.
It's a good thing then that this tattoo has been six years in the making. Without a shadow of doubt, I can tell you with utmost certainty that this piece of art is staying with me forever.
Looks good.

Not for me though. I look back at old drawings and see all the flaws. Don't think I'd manage with it permanently attached to me.

Do you have to maintain the same body shape now else the picture goes all squiffy?
Thanks guys. I'm still in shock as to how well it turned out. This is something I'm going to treasure forever.
Looks really awesome, congratz!
Thanks. Suffice to say I'm really happy with the result.

Furthermore I wouldn't be averse to adding to it later. I mean I'll wait at least a year, at least, before doing anything more, but that gives me time to think of what other important symbolism I can add to my arm.

Yes, I'm one of those freaks, as it turns out, who enjoys the feeling of the needle. I said to Abe' that it was one step short of S&M! XD
Not really my thing but nice design and done by a proficient tattooist (looking at the lines they're nice & even, although there may be a bit of change in the next 6 weeks as the skin heals).

Keep it clean, keep it moisturised and keep it out of the sun while it's healing and you should be golden!

FWIW I have a bunch of random stuff tattooed on me - some good, some weird - but have't been near a tattoo parlour in over 10 years. I never liked the sensation and there are some places that are a nightmare to get done! That part of the bicep is about as good as you can get it.

EDIT: Main thing is that you are happy with the result. I always try to talk people out of getting tattoos (you'll still do it if you're really set) but having the right design* is really important if you aren't going to regret it later.

* My 1st got covered up as part of something that didn't end up getting finished. So work that one out. Things have really changed since 95 when getting inked as a middle-ish class bloke was not common.
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So the itchiness has started.

Abe' was right. The needle is easy. The itch though? Oh by the Maker is it bad LOL.
Has he recommended anything to put on there to help calm it down?
Eurax cream might work. It does for me to stop me ripping my shins apart due to a minor irritant problem.
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