[INDEPENDENT] [LFG] The Titans of Galaxias - A New and Fast growing casual community accommodating all playstyles! - Check us out!

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We are the Titans of Galaxias!

We are a small, almost entirely casual group of players that just so happened the realize the ancient Greeks were better at naming stuff than us.

If you are a solo or private group player, this is the Squadron for you. We like to join up a few times a week but aim to be as flexible as possible so that we can be available whenever you need us!. Being a newly established squadron presents you with the unique opportunity to shape your own community with us! While we will often set out certain group goals and or expeditions it is entirely up to you how much you wish to participate in these. What's more, we don't want you to become just another voice in a sea of commanders like the other squadrons, we want to hear your ideas, and have your own individual presence as part of our group.

Elite Dangerous should empower you to feel like your actions make an effective difference in the in-game universe, hence calling ourselves titans. At the time of writing just three of our groups commanders working together to mine over 6,000 low temperature diamonds rocketed us to 222nd on the Global elite dangerous trading leaderboard! Imagine what we could achieve with you as part of this community.

Our Discord will be full of helpful tips, tricks, builds, and links that will make your time wandering about an endless void, a little bit more bearable. In addition to these useful features is the ability to wing up with other commanders over voice, share your favourite memes or post your best screenshots and video captures too!

We want your experience of Elite to be the best it can possibly be and that's why, as another incentive (and to show that we really aren't as imposing as our name may suggest) particularly for inexperienced, new or returning players without many credits, just tell us what it is you need and we can provide you with a financial boost so that you can pilot the ship of your dreams.

If we've gotten your attention, feel free to join up, check out the Discord, and play the game, let the flying commence!
[Discord link -- https://discord.gg/JmgyGnv]
The Titans of Galaxias proudly promotes:
  • No toxicity, no racism, no griefing.
  • Fly your way, on your schedule, with or without company. If you want to make a wing, feel free to invite one of your friends, we always welcome new commanders.
  • A range of expertise on mining, trading, combat, exploration, ship builds, guardian tech, engineering, and even canyon racing. Plus we actively encourage suggestions for activities from members.
  • A truly relaxed game play experience shared by truly relaxed individuals.
  • Our fleet carrier, Mount Othyrs will be available for taxi service in Bubble/Near Bubble territory (~1500-2000ly) which provides access to Guardian Sites, Thargoid Interaction, Mining, and those pain in the asp G5 Engineering Materials. Just make a request!

Elite dangerous is meant to be an awe-inspiring and fun experience, and while at times some tasks can certainly make you feel as though you're playing Truck Simulator 3306, being out in the black is always better with commanders who have your back.

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