[INDEPENDENT] The Triple Zero Initiative (000i) PC

Good morning/ afternoon/ evening commanders! The Triple Zero Initiative (000i) has been activated and is openly recruiting. We are a freelance mercenary organization (PVE roleplaying focus) currently based out of Andhrimi on a temporary basis, with a long-term goal of establishing a factional foothold in the Bubble. We offer a wide variety of services to factions within the Bubble, encompassing all aspects of surveying, peacekeeping operations, and logistics as defined by the Pilots Federation.

The Triple Zero Initiative is a voluntary association of freelancers, & does not require or enforce any codes of conduct within its ranks. With that being said, the Initiative does have several voluntary provisions for pilots within its charter. The Initiative stands in firm opposition to the slave trade and all factions under the banner of the Empire of Achenar. Triple Zero agents are encouraged to openly work with any Federal, Alliance, and Independent governments and organizations at an individual operator’s discretion. Free piracy, while discouraged, is not strictly prohibited, especially in regards to Imperial vessels. Logistical fulfillment operations are to be freely performed at an operator’s discretion. Directed combat operations within the Bubble are conducted as suggested under the discretion of the acting Commandant, but can be independently performed on an individual basis.

While not required, it is requested that all combat vessels bear a ship ID with the “000-__” format while operating in Initiative service for unit cohesion. Flight operations are loosely organized, with no strict hierarchy. Flights are structured on a mission by mission basis, with primary combat operators onsite being asked to take the callsign “Triple Zero Alpha”. Alpha designation is assigned to the first Initiative agent in a combat scenario. Bravo, Charlie, and other subsequent designations are assigned to incoming backup operators as they arrive. Alpha designation can also be claimed by a primary or leading operator at their own discretion. The acting Commandant may issue additional designations at their discretion.

Let me know if you have any questions, and feel free to submit an application if interested! Fly dangerously commanders.
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