The Twin Candles

Extract from Shield of Justice security dossier 'Blacklisted Organisations'
Subject: Etiene Denain

Etiene Denain has been known to local authorities throughout the Empire for many years. A former slave, he has been been linked to revolutionary communist groups several times. He has always eschewed discourse and favoured revolution as the path to socialism. He is an eloquent and passionate speaker, although his views are more often disseminated through smuggled pamphlets and hacked comms signals due to his notoriety and the high bounty on his head in many Feudal and Patronage systems.

Denain strives for a future in which all hereditary power is abolished, and human freedom is enshrined in galactic law. He believes that these aims can never be accomplished, however, while the Empire remains a society based on slavery. He believes passionately in nobility through egality - and many have rallied to his cause. In recent years this organisation has become known as the 'Twin Candles'.

While the Twin Candles' base of operations remains secret, they campaign often for the abolition of slavery throughout human space and their acts of protest - while sometimes illegal - draw wide sympathy.

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