Community Event / Creation The 'unofficial' Elite Dangerous Lore Tour

Just about to post. Rendezvous in the Reidquat system. You can join one of the many FCs or fly in person. I will be at Marshall Dock initially!


As Livyathan2007 XBox One

I made the waypoint earlier and it was pretty cool to see Fleet Carriers out here. I know it's not far and I could be home in about 30 minutes but that's not the point. I docked at the Absolution Fleet Carrier after spending an hour or two on one of the planets collecting materials. I refuelled and restocked, thank you Commander of the Absolution. and then took off for a bit of exploration.

I have plenty of time to kill, so I decided to go out and take a look at the Bubble Nebula (for a link, see here Wiki for Bubble Nebula). If you've never seen it before and you have the time, take a trip out there. The views are gorgeous.

On the way back to the waypoint, I took Drews advice to go above or below the plane, so you can discover more undiscovered systems. So I went 1.7klys below the Bubble Nebula on my journey back and discovered my first Neutron (on this account). Space feels pretty empty here. I've been to Beagle Point a couple of times (on other accounts) and it's not quite that bad but the stars are fairly sparse this far down.
Please note, I don't wish to hijack this thread with a log of my journey. Drew did a wonderful job on Thursday detailing all aspects of exploration and ship builds. I only wanted to point out the Bubble Nebula to newbies and how much of an impact the Fleet Carriers have had so far.
I caught onto the existence of the Lore Tour too late to participate at the time, but over the past couple of weeks have been catching up with the recordings and enjoying them greatly. Thanks for running this, Drew.

I'm six month's into the game, but my fairly new 2nd account "cmdr Terekhov" is in need of a trip to attract Prof. Palin's attention (and this expedition is happening at the perfect time). I've just helped Terakhov buy (and kit out/engineer) an exploration spec Anaconda - the first large ship either of us have flown. He is still busy widening mailsots on stations. I'll be packing him off to "S171 18" shortly, and he will start his run with a belated "Reorte-Riedquat jump" this evening. With this expedition he should gain the Prof's attention (as well as it keeping him away from troublesome mailslots for a while - although I haven't told him that bit!).

What's the score with assembling in S171 18 on Thursday evening? Just be there and join the "Drew Wagar" PG? before the appointed hour? (I'm on PC). How long before the stream begins will the PG will be available to join?

I'll set Terekhov up to be able to communicate (text) to one of Twitch or Discord - is either one of those preferable over the other? (I've set Terekhov up on Twitch)
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In tonight's penultimate episode of the Formidine Rift expedition (part of the extended Lore Tour) we attempt to follow the path of the original explorers of the Rift, crossing the desolate expanse of the Heisenberg Bridge. Meet us in the Pha Airg HG-Y c0 system or join remotely via at 8pm UK time (UTC+1).

Tonight we'll revisit one of the strange characters in Elite Dangerous, the mysterious 'R'.


Watch your six, CMDRs.


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Tonight's final destination on the #elitedangerous #loretour is Syreadiae JX-F c0 11 - see you there for the end of the expedition, CMDRs!

8pm UK (UTC+1)



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I had to come home to the bubble so tonight I will be requesting to crew up with someone ;)

This has been an amazing ride with you Drew! Thanks for putting all this LoreTour together, it has been a wonderful experience.

Enjoy your holiday!
Listening to these as I play has been incredibly fun and informative. Its unfortunate that my timezone didnt allow me to join you in person.
You have also solidified that as an American, I must support the Federation!!!!!
This has convinced me to purchase the audio books available to listen to as I play.
Thanks Drew :)
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