The unofficial sequels to the official Elite Dangerous Novels

Elite Dangerous Lore fans...

There is new story!

CMDR M. Lehman has written two sequels to my official novel "Elite Dangerous : Premonition". Since there is no new official lore, they're unofficial, but very worthy, based on in-game events and pick the the story after the demise of Salomé... as unofficial stories they are, of course, free! :)


Fabulous to see the fans "write on", Commanders! :)

You can get them from my website!


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Im curious if all the players and player groups were contacted before their inclusion in these books?
I was, but then - as I had been playing in public and was 'content' for any external source (as against playing in PG or Solo - which would indicate no desire to share my game with everyone) with or without my permission, I'd consider the inclusion to have had consent implicit due to the mode.
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