The unofficial sequels to the official Elite Dangerous Novels

@Phisto Sobanii Im asking Matt.

I assume when Drew wrote his books he contacted everyone and every group he wanted to add to his book, @drew am I correct in this assumption?

In the case of specific individuals who had done notable things yes. Most of the time these led to some conversations and I interviewed them to gain a sense of their in-game persona to ensure I could represent it in Premonition - I don't recall any that did not want to be included. In the case of player groups, I made an attempt to. Some did have representatives which I could speak to, but some did not and some did not respond - particularly the more 'controversial' groups. Since my brief was to represent "Elite Dangerous" as I saw it, they went in anyway. :)

Technically it wasn't illegal or an IP violation for me to use "Harry Potter" in Premonition, but I decided that it wasn't appropriate given it being a SF franchise and, in discussion with Mr. Potter, we agreed on "Beseiger".

Otherwise, names, characters, businesses, player groups, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. No Trumbles were harmed in the writing of these books.


Elite Dangerous Lore fans...

There is new story!

CMDR M. Lehman has written two sequels to my official novel "Elite Dangerous : Premonition". Since there is no new official lore, they're unofficial, but very worthy, based on in-game events and pick the the story after the demise of Salomé... as unofficial stories they are, of course, free! :)

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Fabulous to see the fans "write on", Commanders! :)

You can get them from my website!


I think its great that you are publishing Matts novels - cheers Drew!
Right on, commanders! I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who downloaded the books from Drew's site. While the numbers involved were quite modest compared to any established writer, I was pleasantly surprised at how many people were willing to take a chance on mere fan fiction.

I remain humbled by Drew's willingness to host and promote the books, and it's my hope that his confidence is justified in the eyes of those who complete them.

There remains a real hunger for the story that Elite could be. Pick up the pen, Frontier— and tell it!
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I've finally been able to finish Shadows and even though I'm clearly biased I can happily say its a really great read.

I cannot emphasise enough just how much Lore Nerding and Prognostication has gone into this. From background reading of the works of Ambrose Bierce to Galnet scrying and detailed analysis of the minutiae in the Holdstock report. As well as pages and pages of character building in RP discords.

Any entertainment company should be proud to have fans so dedicated to their product.

Right on Commander!
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