The Wasat Leap - Launching an SRV between two bases without touching the ground

Looked like a lot of fun and should therefore be nerfed immediately.
No credits or PvP salt involved, so I doubt they're going to care.

If SRVs did get made a bit less obscenely tough in high-speed collisions, though, I wouldn't mind. I think the last batch of SRV tweaks made them a titch too resilient to high-speed impacts.
Very impressive, and nicely produced instruction video. :)

little bit of politics
"Adding space legs would basically be a different game......... oh, wait..."
This dismiss-boosting trick (which I didn't invent!*) is obviously also very helpful for anyone trying to drive the SRV into orbit (or just very very fast). If you did this from the top of a big mountain, you could get into orbital cruise and drift away from the planet, or on a planet with a small enough radius / orbital velocity you might be able to get a true circular orbit in a single leap. More testing needed. :D

*Dismiss-boosting has been around for a while. I credit Bruski most recently with reminding me of it when I saw his shenanigans in Falling With Style that inspired me to play around with it myself.
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Cmdr Tannik Seldon doing its usual business here, that is being excellent as ever.

And please stop trying your best to get another tourist beacon on a new planet, you won't get another one, PERIOD!

You know OP, the same tactics could be used for when space legs and escape pods are added... Damn, now I'm imagining all the crazy things one could do with an open cargo bay and dedication! GG, OP! +1 rep
I had not seen that, thanks! And wow.

I didn't think I could adore Sagittarius Eye any more than I already did, but I was wrong. So very wrong.
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