General / Off-Topic The 'What are you listening to right now' Thread

Standard topic in the offtopic of many forums. And as a bit of a music freak (hence why I'd like to put a ride to music akin to the clip of Star Guitar by the Chemical Brothers), I thought I create one for this mellow forum.

So let me start of with an upbeat vibe

Currently, I'm listening to this: Swings And Roundabouts
Next up: Banjolin
Also found over there: Tread Fast (this should sound familiar) [big grin]

Swings and Roundabouts remind me a lot of Mr Sunshine by Lazslo in terms of vibe without the glitchy of the glitch genre that Lazslo produces at times. I like it tho ^^

Also, that Tread Fast is a nice find![up]
Ahhhhhh !!! The "What are you listening" thread !!! I like trolling here [big grin]



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But my music range is from this to Cradle of Filth lmao, there isn't too much I don't like!
angelis, im really into your songs, you should make a playlist!
of course, this is my all time favourite!
This thread [haha][haha][haha]

What's going onnnnnnnnn ?

This is for all the "League Of Legend" fans ([rolleyes][uhh])

So uuuuuuuh, how about we get back on track people? :p


I listen to a ton of music. In loads of different genres but despite that they need to have in common that there is some chill vibe.
Shuffle on my playlist gave me this to listen to at the moment:
[video=youtube;GrtskgBlOzU] [/video]

I also listen to lots of music, but this album has to be one of my all-time favorites [up]
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Because no one has posted ... [rolleyes]

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