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The soundtrack of Lost Gravity, a coaster that I enjoyed for the first time last Tuesday at Walibi Holland :D


This really small time Youtuber Cyael has a podcast series where he reads a huge amount of top posts from a certain /r/askReddit thread. He has a very strong opinion and a very short attention span however and therefor he keeps going off topic. It's relaxing, interesting and pretty funny simultaneously. I really recommend it for those long hours of placing small details in your park.
I'm currently listening to the new Xcerts' single.

I seem to have a soft spot for Scottish indie bands, I seem to be listening to a lot of them at the moment.

Raw Man - Europa

Genre: Nu-disco/French house

I challenge anyone to listen to the bass line drop at 1:31 and not be completely consumed by the supreme funkiness of that funky bass:




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Carnaval Festival (Efteling, The Netherlands)

Turn up the volume and enjoy! :D

Couple of bangers, that is all. :)


Solace by Comaduster.

High Concept Far Future Space Opera Electronica
French Connection - French Connection.

A record from 1995. I bet none of you like the music at all.
But it's something from my childhood.
I mostly listen to it when I feel like destroying something.

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