The Xbox One Screenshots Thread

Day 3 out in the black and I made my way from the Heart Nebula over to the Zurara, floating in the Formidine Rift. The logs suggest there may be other things of note in the surrounding systems, so I'll have a thorough search of all landable planets over the next few days.

When I do make my way back I'll drop into the Heart Nebula again and do some more scanning around. There were rumours of Thargoid links in the area so I'll see if I can uncover anything.
Elite Dangerous Core (8).jpg

Elite Dangerous Core (12).jpg
The stars thinning out now at the southern tip of the Rift. Having to plot my course carefully, and thankful of the 65LY jump range my Asp gives me. The chance to tread deeper, to see more. And the chance to spot one more earth-like world.

I find a nearby body to call home for the night. Climbing into my bunk, I grab a holopad and start to write...

Alone in the Rift
My only company, stars
Dreams of fortune lost
2020-02-12 19.17.13.jpg
I think it might be down to 1MB now, I can share some screenshots but not others, and they straddle that kinda area :( got some beauties to share...I've set the capture setting down to its lowest, but that's still 720p...ah well...

Thanks for getting back to me :)
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