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I hope someone still looks at the forum, the last post that I saw was a month ago, anyway here it goes.

I really like this game, I just picked up the Platinum edition yesterday but I was very dissapointed to find that there were no new themed rides and all the new themes have no rides at all!

how am I supposed to make the ultimate Dinosaur/paradise island/atlantis/safari theme park with no rides?

I am also very dissapointed that there are no SCIFI thrill rides. how can I create a decent SciFi theme park with no thrill rides?

Is there something I am missing about themes and rides? do generic rides detract from the theme or can they be used anywhere? I would like to win "Best Whatever Theme" prize but I also want a great looking and fully functional park.

also, how can I add a roller coaster to a themed area if none of them are themed? what about the other rides like the ghost train ride. it seems like it should be scary theme but it does not say specifically that it is. I am very confused about rides and themes and scenery. could someone please share any and all info on creating the ultimate Theme Park?
C'mon Michael, oh really. What about the still missing regular or Grand Carousel...isn't it a cardinal sin not having that in any park. But I won't rehash the old "Junior" Carousel that spins faster than a Thunder Bob ride as you zoom in on them issue again.

Nor will I rehash the chairlift that is not really a working "skyride" since a gondola standard skyrides doesn't exist issue either.

And of course I won't rehahs the issues of the SDC based Polyp that is called an "Octopus" even though Lee Eyerly was the inventor of the real Octopus, and the Polyp you guys made has no spinning buckets which is a major subtraction of the spider rides types...nope I won't rehash these, absolutely won't.

Yeah, people I guess, can place scenery around stuff, but having several themed versions of the same ride would have been nice, just like the starfish wheel ride you guys didn't have the generic Chance "Wipeout" or older "Trabant" variant, which would have been very nice.

Likewise in your soaked expansion it would have been nice to have had a Tilt-A-Whirl themed cars as sea shells. Pacific Ocean Park had one. Wow, now there is an example mentioned by me for years, your Soaked modelers could have looked at for sea themed rides, but than again customer input isn't all that important, at least not to the publisher, and no I don't fully blame Frontier on these decisions. They just mad what they were asked to or approved by the publisher what Frontier offered. So I do hold the publisher to task on this issue and not today's new board of directors either, got that Bruno!

Oh well, here's to hoping that a ThrillVille for the PC comesout with everything we didn't get in the last batch.

But mind you guys. Please get it right this time around and listen to your customers if you decide to go this route. Remember that nobody ever won an argument with their customer (with maybe the exception of the U.S. Congress!!!)
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well, I look at this situation from two perspectives:
the game mechanincs view
the player view

from the game mechanics view generic rides with themed scenery is all I need to get the awards and win the scenerios and make peeps happy.

from the player perspective, I am rather dissapointed that there were so few themed versions of rides and attractions and plants.

in the expansions there are so few landscaping choices for the new themes. how exactly am I going to make a decent looking dino park with two large ferns and a rock? seriously!? ok there are a great number of animatronic dinos and stuff, but with no shrubs or trees it all looks a little boring.

I did find out that I can use the shift key and stack the two ferns to make a third more bushy fern, but that only goes so far...

I understand that modling can take time and money but to have four new themes and no new rides to go with them? thats just not right.

from a mechanics perspective I am satisfied that I can use generic rides with themed scenery. from a player perspective there was a lot of obvious stuff left out which leads me to think that things were rushed and not fully thought through.

Thrillville seems to have a lot of themes but do those themes have enough stuff in them to make a decent theme park with? we PC lovers will have no choice but to wait and see...
thrillville is limited and no where near rct3...although its graphics remind me of a cross between rct and sim coaster...however it is a childs game and cannot do any of the custom stuff rct3 can....i got the console version for the x-box ...and after toying with it....i really want my money back, so before anyone get quick to wish for the PC version, maybe they should buy the console version, and watch their hopes for a better game go down the drain...it really doesnt do what ya can in rct series games:(
i understand that it isnt ment to be , and i do respect the game Michael, i just guess i was hoping for something more... i am still a faithful rct series gamer and always will be ....so far all that is out there doesnt even come close to the games in the rct series, and i do LOVE rct3, just hanging on and hoping that someday someone will be able to address the issues with lag on systems that have processors that kill the specs on the box....there shouldnt be a problem running this game at all, but there is....and i keep hoping you guys figure out a way to keep a franchise that has made someone millions of dollars alive, this is a gigantic faithful community, if not.. noone would care and just move on , but we dont ...we LOVE this game.....the issue of lag at times and more flatrides would make this the most complete game of its series:eek:
i have listed my dxdiag report and have all the fixes recommended along with bios/motherboard/soundcard drivers updated and at times or certain places on the 3D matrix grid i still experience sudden drops in fps or it just turns into a slide show...this only happens in the first person on ride view and i am pulling my hair out....and yes i have all other programs shut down when i play....so i am at a loss....but i just wanted to clear up that i wasnt bashing Thrillville, i just was expressing that i guess i hoped it would be what we are missing here in rct3 ...and i found out it wasnt on the console and dont think it will be on the PC :eek: :)

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No worries, in your in game options, try turning your shadows to static and turn off the blend option (you will find these options in teh custom quality settings), that should improve your frame rate.

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