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I would like the ability to theme the areas of my park even if just by name and color...I love putting up themes in my park and enjoyed rtc 3s auto theme where rides of that theme were grouped, however, I may not want a themed ride in that area but still want to build to an overall theme...if I want to place banners and borders very much how real park maps are then I think that would be a cool experience...maybe a map tool that shows where you are on the map that also would appear like a realistic park map with drawings and renderings of rides you have in themed areas...
This is ana amazing idea that is not to crazy. Is perhaps the idea I like most from all the propossed suggestions in this forum, becuase its great, would bring a lot of things into the table and would not be to hard to implement for Frontier with the guest system they already have in place.
Big thumps up to this suggestion, and I really hope Frontier tries to tackle it in some form.

Have you played Cities: Skylines? I suggested this in another thread either here or on the "other games" forum, but in CS, you can paint districts or neighborhoods in your city, allowing you to name the area, set neighborhood specific tax alterations and other general stuff, like "no pets", "free public transport", "education boost", etc. What if they implemented that in PC, where you paint an area of the park or a ride to designate a theme? Within that area, you could maybe set music, so guests only hear it when they enter that space.
Yep, thats what it came to my mind when reading the OP. It could even be done in sometype of map tool overview.

Perhaps a idea to add like 4-5 popular themes to the game and make a clear documentation for users to create their own extra themes. Then from Steam Workshop people could download complete mod packs that would add a whole theme to the game, or perhaps the devs would add popular custom made themes to the base game kinda like TF2 and Rust.
This is the way that Collosal Order implemented just some months ago with one of the latest patchs before the Night live expansion. We asked a lot for it, as it was the obvious thing to do (at first, building theming, as in american and european, was strangely attached to maps) and they finally did it. At first it was only done to name neighbourhoods and add some laws, but now you can choose what type of building theming grows on that district, and modders can create more themes and attached them with this system to create, for example a japanese themed neighbourhood.
The 4-5 themes would be the typical RCT themes (Generic, sci-fi, western, toyland, adventure...) and then people could add from those.

In fact, more than attaching x or y theme to a type of custom scenery, becuase we builders like to mix and match different type of themes to create our own, it would be better,a nd easier, that the player chose a name to that theme (whatever they wanted) and just had to tick this kind of boxes to attract types of guests:
So you paint the zone you want and a menu with this options would appear:

Name of the themeland: SuperDuperLand (just an example)
-Color: (box with colors you can choose from that the themeland will have on the map mode or when you zoom out a lot)
-Its the welcome entrance zone? YES/NO (You can only have one of this, if there isnt a possibility of multiple entrances in the game, and have to be attached to a park entrance)
RIDES - You can only choose one of these four:
-Thirllseeker zone? YES/NO
-Family zone? YES/NO (basically a mix of both the above and below option)
-Kids zone? YES/NO
-No rides? YES/NO
FOOD - You can only choose one of these four:
-Mainly high level restaurants? YES/NO
-Mix? YES/NO
-Selfservice and fast-food eateries? YES/NO
-No eat places? YES/NO
SHOPS - You can only choose one of these four:
-Mainly high level expensive shops? YES/NO
-Mix? YES/NO
-Cheap merchandise shops? YES/NO
-No shops? YES/NO
-Does it have a transport system:YES/NO (You need to have a transport type station to check this box)
-Where does this land connect to: (in this list would appear lands you already made that have stations with the same ride on them)
-Does the transport make a full circuit: YES/NO (perfect for rides where you want them to be scenic and fully themed)

Just an example, but there you have it. I think that would be the best option, because theming is in reality too arbitriary, but things that the guests look for in each land is not so arbitriary, as it uses basic variables so they know what they are going and what do they want to do. Are they looking for lots of thrills? Then they will obviously go to a land with that box ticked. Do a family group have kids? They will visit that land. what about eat, do they want to buy cheap souvenirs, expensive ones, or a mix of both? etc...
You could also solve the problem RCT3 had with the transport system, as the guest will check if the zone they are now, or are near to, have a transport ride that takes them to a zone that fancy to visit next (thinking in prgramming terms, they would have states of "ok, im already fed up of thrill rides, maybe I want to try a zone with family ones and x transport near me is the best way to go").
The only thing guests need to know about theming is:
"theres a lot of scenery here, that means attention to detail"
"theres a lot of water and vegetation, this land is beautifull"
Those variables would make guests be more happy and spend more money on that land and the park itself, but not having much of those (like amusement park and carnival fairs) would not be negative to how the guest behave, as not everyone wants to make a super themed theme park.
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