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If you're having difficulty uploading an Item to the Thememaker's Toolkit please ensure you have double checked the User Guide

If your Item was rejected or failed, please follow the Solution/Fix suggestion on the Error Descriptions section of the User Guide.

If you require any help or technical assistance please post on Toolkit Tutorials & Help or contact our Customer Support Team

For bugs with THEMEMAKER'S TOOLKIT Items please comment in this thread below.

All we need is your Items Revision number, which can be found on the Toolkit Website > My Items > The Item > View Details > Revision.

With this revision number, we can see the error and the file you uploaded, so no need to send us over anything else on the forums.

Report Template:

Revision number: "xxxxxxxx"
Issue: "Brief description of whats wrong"

We will delete your comment once we've processed it, but won't reply. Any other unrelated comments will be deleted.

Thank you.
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Revision number: 32ce7610


I was attempting this combination of materials: BC, AO, F1, F2, F3, NM, RN, and SP.

Without the SP map, the flexicolors functioned but looked very pale and washed out. When I added the SP map, the flexicolors stopped working entirely and my object was completely white.

I looked at the Pirate Lookout example, which has a very similar setup on the Pirate_Outfit materials and works fine, so I was trying to figure out the difference. The only things different were that the pirate had an additional F4 and an OP map, which led to me finding this weird glitch:

BC, AO, F1, F2, F3, NM, RN, and SP - Does not work, flexicolors stop functioning. (Revision 32ce7610)
BC, AO, F1, F2, F3, NM, RN, SP, and OP - WORKS. (Revision d7b1bdcb)

It doesn't make sense that it works with an (unneeded) Opacity map but doesn't work without it, so I assume there's a bug in there somewhere. Hope this info helps!
Revision number: e76cc934

Issue: Animation Export Bug in TMT for 3D Max users

There is most certainly a bug in the exporter for 3DS Max users when it comes to animation. Static objects are not problem, but all animation with correct axis are on a roughly 35% angle inside Planet Coaster; all imports are basically slanted. I tried dozens of samples, and also checked my FBX pre-viewer which showed the animation as being correctly oriented. Even importing into Blender shows the correct, intended axis (I prefer not to rely on that extra step as a work around). I also noticed, someone else posted the same problem a while back in the TMT General section, but did not post it here. The link below actually shows pics of his problem and it's exactly what's happening to my objects as well. We feel left out of the animation party.

Also note: The other forum member was apparently using the latest version of Max, while I am using 2012, but both versions result in the same problem, so it's not question of the release year

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